VW Golf sizes and dimensions guide

The VW Golf is a great do-it-all family hatchback with a quality interior and frugal range of engines. It was updated in 2017 with new lights, bumpers and in-car tech – and it became known as the ‘Mark 7.5’ Golf. Here’s a full guide on the VW Golf dimensions – including length, width, height and turning circle. If you’re looking to buy one don’t forget to check out our VW Golf colours guide and our full VW Golf review.

Volkswagen Golf

Exterior dimensions

The current Volkswagen Golf is one of the tallest family hatchbacks you can buy at 1,492mm, which is 7mm taller than the Vauxhall Astra and 23mm taller than the Ford Focus – resulting in more rear headroom than either of those cars. Read our full Volkswagen Golf interior review for more info.

In other dimensions, the VW doesn’t compare quite so well. At 2,620mm, the wheelbase is 28mm shorter than the Ford and 42mm shorter than the Vauxhall, but the VW still beats those cars for rear legroom. The overall length is 4,258mm – a whole 100mm shorter than the Focus and 112mm shorter than the Astra – and its width is a middling 2,027mm, but these figures suggest that the Golf is a better choice for street parking or tight spots.

VW Golf exterior dimensions
Length 4,258mm
Width (including mirrors) 2,027mm
Height 1,492mm
Wheelbase 2,620mm
Volkswagen Golf interior

Interior dimensions

The taller height of the Golf does indeed mean more space for your head. Over a metre in the front and 967mm in the rear is easily superior to the Focus and Astra, so a Golf is a winner if you have a penchant for hats.

However, its shorter wheelbase means that the legroom on offer isn’t the most in its class. The front legroom is around 50mm less than the Astra and Focus, although the Golf is better for rear leg space than the Focus.

VW Golf interior dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,018mm/967mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1,046mm/903mm

Boot space

Boot space is an area where the Golf shines. It has 380 litres with the seats up, which is 10 litres more than the Astra, and a noticeable 64 litres larger than the Focus. With the seats folded flat, the boxier shape of the VW gives 1,270 litres of space to play with, compared with 1,215 and 1,210 for the Focus and Astra. Read our VW Golf boot space review to find out exactly what will fit inside.

VW Golf boot space
Boot space seats up 380 litres
Boot space seats down 1,270 litres
Volkswagen Golf driving

Fuel tank and turning circle

The Golf has a 50-litre fuel tank, which is probably what you could expect in a car of this size. It’s two litres more generous than the tank fitted to the Astra, but some Focus models are equipped with larger 60-litre tanks.

On paper, the VW has the largest turning circle of 11.1 metres, but the gap between that and its rivals is so small that you’d hardly notice in the real world.

VW Golf fuel tank and turning circle
Fuel tank 50 litres
Turning circle 11.1 metres
Volkswagen Golf rear

Weight and towing capacity

If you want a lightweight hatchback, you’d do well to better the 1,206kg of the skinniest Golf models. With some of the heavy four-wheel-drive models hitting the scales at 1,483kg, the Golf has the widest range of weight figures. The heaviest Focus is 12kg lighter at 1,471kg and the maximum weight of an Astra is more than 100kg less than the Golf.

The Golf’s maximum towing weight of 1,600kg once again isn’t the best among its rivals, but it’s certainly in the same ballpark. The Astra can tow up to 1,700kg, but the Focus only manages 1,500kg. Payload is also bettered by one of the Golf’s rivals – some models can carry 589kg, compared to 635kg for the Focus and 560kg for the Astra.

VW Golf weight and towing capacity
Weight 1,206-1,483kg
Towing weight (braked/ unbraked) 1,600kg/ 600kg
Tow ball weight 80kg
Max payload 589kg

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Volkswagen Golf

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