BMW M240i interior

The BMW M240i’s interior is best described as ‘nice’ rather than jaw droppingly stylish, but everything works with beautiful simplicity


The dashboard isn't that exciting, but the seating position feels sporty

The BMW M240i has a dashboard that’s clearly laid-out and well built, and the majority of the cabin is covered with squidgy plastics that feel expensive. You also get a smattering of high-quality trim pieces.

There’s not much to distinguish the BMW M240i from the M Sport trim it’s based upon, but you do get M240i kickplates in the door openings and an M240i logo on the start-up screen between the dials in the instrument binnacle.

Everything else is carried over from the M Sport model, though you shouldn’t see that as a bad thing. The Dakota leather upholstery feels expensive and the pretty three-spoke M Sport steering looks great and feels satisfying to hold.

That said, the BMW M240i’s fundamental design is exactly the same as the plainer 2 Series coupe it’s based upon and doesn’t feel that special as a result. If you want an interior that can delight you, you’ll be better off with the beautifully designed Audi TT.

Like a Christmas tree with no lights or decorations, the M240i's interior lacks that little extra sparkle

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The dashboard isn't that exciting, but the seating position feels sporty

Although the BMW M240i’s interior lacks a little bit of pizzazz, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way it works and much of its intuitiveness is down to the excellent control knob you use for the iDrive infotainment system.

It’s used to operate the basic BMW Navigation System that comes as standard with the 2 Series. It has a 6.5-inch colour screen with intuitive menus and a sat-nav system that can avoid traffic congestion. The iDrive control located between the two front seats allows you to input a postcode without having to take your eyes off the road for long periods of time.

It’s a great entry-level unit but it is still worth getting the Professional Navigation system that comes as part of the £775 Professional Media package. It gives you a larger 8.8-inch sat-nav screen that’s quick, clear and easier to use than the standard system – and also has an upgraded iDrive control. It has a touch-sensitive pad that allows you to write in postcodes with your finger, although it’s much easier to use if you’re left-handed.

Annoyingly, though, even if you go for the top-end sat-nav, you’ll still have to pay an another £235 for the convenience of Apple CarPlay, which lets you use your iPhone’s apps on the car’s main screen – and Android Auto isn’t even an option.

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