Mazda 2 Hybrid facelift: updated styling for small hatchback

October 04, 2023 by

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Mazda has given the 2 Hybrid a facelift to help it stand out against the Toyota Yaris on which it’s based. Read on for all you need to know.

  • Updated Mazda 2 Hybrid revealed
  • Small styling tweaks
  • Uses the same hybrid system as the Toyota Yaris
  • Updated infotainment system
  • On sale in March 2024

The Mazda 2 Hybrid has been given a tweak to help keep it looking fresh. The design tweaks help differentiate it from the Toyota Yaris, the car which it’s based on, and it has a slightly revised infotainment system as well.

New Mazda 2 Hybrid design

When the Mazda 2 Hybrid first came along last year, it looked like a Toyota Yaris with different badges. Admittedly, that is essentially what this car is, but Mazda has now given it a new face to help it stand out.

The design changes aren’t exactly revolutionary, and it clearly looks like a Yaris still, but the new 2 Hybrid gets an updated grille with a more rounded shape than the Toyota’s, and the lower bumper has some different air intakes as well.

The rest of the car remains pretty much unchanged. You get different alloy wheels on the Mazda, however beyond that it’s pretty much identical to the Yaris.

New Mazda 2 Hybrid interior and infotainment

If you stuck a Post-It note over the Mazda badge in the middle of the steering wheel, you could be sitting in a Toyota Yaris. That’s not a criticism as such, because the Yaris has a well-made interior with plenty of technology.

The stand-out feature in this new Mazda 2 Hybrid is the updated infotainment system. It’s now 10.5 inches instead of the 8.0-inch screen you get in the current car, and it’s actually an improvement over the 9.0-inch touchscreen you get in the Toyota Yaris. It still has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and there are fewer shortcut buttons than before as well.

New Mazda 2 Hybrid: when can you buy it?

The updated Mazda 2 Hybrid will hit UK shores in March 2023, and full pricing will be revealed soon. You can expect it to fetch a small premium over the current car though, with a figure of around £24,000 likely.

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