New Mercedes GLB: Merc’s baby SUV revealed

Matthew Mills
June 11, 2019

The Mercedes GLB is a sturdy SUV that oozes practicality and will be available with seven seats. Here’s everything you need to know about this Volvo XC40 alternative.

  • Revealed

    2019 Mercedes GLB SUV

  • Specs include

    2.0-litre, 190hp diesel engine with four-wheel drive

  • Price and release date

    starting below £40,000; autumn 2019

Mercedes GLB price and release date

The Mercedes GLB will be a small, practical SUV that sits between the Mercedes GLA and Mercedes GLC. As such, you can expect the car to start from less than £40,000. Venturing to the top of the range for a seven-seat diesel with optional extras will likely set you back more than £50,000.

The Mercedes GLB is slated to go on sale this autumn.

Mercedes GLB styling

While most small SUVs are sleek and sporty crossovers, the Mercedes GLB mixes the curves of its Mercedes GLA and Mercedes GLC siblings with the offroad-ready sturdiness of the Mercedes G-Class. Its wheels-at-each-corner layout limits overhangs to help the GLB easily navigate harsh terrain and steep inclines. Other rugged details include the roof rails and underbody protection.

The general, boxy shape of the Mercedes GLB’s bodykit continues in details like the hexagonal grille. However, there are still some stylish touches, with GLA- and GLC-esque details including the grooving bonnet and the chrome outlines surrounding the windows.

Mercedes GLB engines

The Mercedes GLB is available with four different engine options: two petrols and two diesels. The petrol range is comprised of the 163hp GLB200 and 224hp GLB250 engines. Both only come with two-wheel-drive. Meanwhile, the entry-level diesel engine – the 150hp 200d – offers a choice of two- and four-wheel drive. Finally, the 190hp 200d diesel is four-wheel-drive only. Aside from the 1.4-litre, seven-speed GLB200, every engine is a 2.0-litre and comes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Mercedes GLB driving

The Mercedes GLB not only the looks of an off-roader; it should also have the ability to go with it. If you get a four-wheel-drive version of the car, there will be an Offroad mode included, which will split the GLB’s power evenly between the front and rear wheels. You can also get what Mercedes calls the Offroad Engineering Package. This extra gives you hill-descent control – which brakes the car automatically as you go down steep inclines – and extra readouts on the infotainment screen.

If you want to keep your Mercedes GLB firmly on the tarmac, however, autonomous driving features will be available as optional extras. These include active cruise control and steering assistance. Combined, these features will enable the car to accelerate, brake and steer itself on the motorway, while also giving it the ability to automatically slow down for corners.

Mercedes GLB interior and infotainment

The interior of the Mercedes GLB is based on the design found in the Mercedes A-Class and Mercedes CLA. As such, the car gets the manufacturer’s MBUX infotainment setup, which conjoins the driver’s display and central touchscreen as twin displays on the dashboard. This system is voice-operated and also boasts an incredibly impressive augmented-reality satnav, which superimposes digital graphics over a live feed from a camera at the front of the car.

Despite their interiors sharing many similarities, the Mercedes GLB has a wheelbase that’s 130mm longer than the Mercedes A-Class’. This means that rear-seat passengers can expect more legroom in the small SUV. Furthermore, the rear seats can recline for extra comfort, and can slide back and forth as an optional extra.

As standard, the Mercedes GLB is a five-seater, although it will be available with seven seats, too. The manufacturer claims that the third row is ideal for people below 5’5” tall. Plus, both seats have ISOFIX mounting point, separate storage and their own USV plugs.

As a five-seater, the Mercedes GLB will have a 560-litre boot, upping to 1,755 litres if you fold the seats down.

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