The 15 best electric cars coming by 2025

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As we move closer to an all-electric future, plenty of manufacturers are working on a range of new electric cars. Here’s a breakdown of the best ones coming soon.

EVs keep getting better every year with improved range, charging speeds, technology and prices are starting to come down as well. These improvements make owning an EV more appealing today than ever before.

There are loads of new electric models coming over the next couple of years – from cheap and cheerful small hatchbacks to bonkers sports cars. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see by 2025.

The best new electric cars coming by 2025 are:

1. Alpine A290

New Alpine A290 front studio

Small hot hatchbacks are getting thin on the ground these days. The Ford Fiesta ST is no more, and the Suzuki Swift Sport recently bit the dust as well. Well the new Alpine A290 is here to bring the hot hatchback into the electric era.

It has a 220hp motor powering the front wheels, and it’ll do 0-60mph in a brisk 6.4 seconds. It also has a clever multi-link suspension setup to make it as agile as possible through the corners, and it looks suitably sporty as well.

2. Audi A6 and RS6 e-tron

New Audi RS6 e-tron front

Hot on the heels of the Audi Q6 e-tron SUV, the new A6 e-tron saloon is due in the coming weeks. It’ll use the same collection of parts as its jacked-up stablemate, and it’s said to have up to 430 miles of range from the 100kWh battery.

Following on from the A6, the hot RS6 is due out next year. Details are thin on the ground for now, but it could have up to 800hp courtesy of the same motor and battery setup as the new Porsche Macan EV.

3. BMW Neue Klasse X

BMW Neue Klasse X

The new petrol-engined BMW X3 was revealed recently, but there won’t be an all-electric version like its predecessor. Instead the iX3 will be replaced by the Neue Klasse X, a ground-up EV packing plenty of new technology.

It follows on from the Neue Klasse saloon concept, and a lot of the styling cues are lifted straight from that car. There are no concrete details on what’s powering this car yet, but you can expect it to improve upon the old iX3’s 292 miles of range.

4. Citroen e-C3

Citroen e-C3 front

Now for something a little more budget-friendly, the Citroen e-C3 is a dinky electric hatchback which will cost less than £22,000. This makes it one of the cheapest EVs on the market if you ignore the Citroen Ami quadricycle.

The Dacia Spring is also significantly cheaper, but the Citroen is much more usable than that car thanks to a 200-mile range – the Spring makes do with just 140 miles of range. The e-C3 is also a lot more practical and has more standard equipment, just a few reasons it won the Auto Express 2024 Car Of The Year Award.

5. Cupra Tavascan

New Cupra Tavascan front

Spanish brand Cupra will launch its answer to the Volkswagen ID5 and Skoda Enyaq Coupe this year. It may share parts with those cars under the skin, but it’s a lot more stylish and has a more interesting interior than either of them.

You’ll be able to get a dual-motor version with 340hp, the same as the Skoda Enyaq vRS and VW ID5 GTX, and 0-60mph is dealt with in 5.6 seconds. Powering the Tavascan is a 77kWh battery giving it up to 341 miles of range.

6. Dacia Spring

New Dacia Spring front

If you spend all your time zipping around city streets, the UK’s cheapest electric car could be perfect for you. The new Dacia Spring starts from £14,995 – which is not just cheap for an EV, it’s cheap full stop.

For your money you get a modest 140 miles of range, not ideal for long-distance driving but more than enough for a day of sightseeing around a city. You also get the bare essentials as standard such as air conditioning, bluetooth and electric windows.

7. Ford Capri

Ford has resurrected an iconic name plate. The new Capri isn’t a slinky coupe with a V6 engine under the bonnet, but rather it’s a coupe-SUV powered by electricity. It shares parts with the Ford Explorer, meaning a 340hp dual-motor setup is on offer.

It looks a lot more sporty than the Ford Explorer, if not quite as brawny as the classic Capri. This electric SUV will be available to order later this year with prices starting from £42,075. Can’t wait that long? Check out deals on the Volkswagen ID5 instead.

8. Hyundai Inster

New Hyundai Inster front

This funky little thing is the Hyundai Inster – a small electric car with a very clever interior. It’s only the size of a Hyundai i10, but the boot is the same size as a Volkswagen Polo’s and you get sliding rear seats which grant rear passengers palatial legroom.

You can get a 42kWh battery with 186 miles of range as standard, or there’s a 49kWh pack which can get up to 220 miles on a charge. The former is paired to a 97hp electric motor, while the long-range model has 115hp on tap.

9. Kia EV3

New Kia EV3 front

Kia has revealed its answer to the Volvo EX30. This is the EV3, a dinky electric SUV with similar styling to the EV9 and up to 370 miles of range. Just like the EV9, the EV3 looks almost identical to the concept car we saw last year, and it’s a funky-looking thing.

Inside you’ll find a similar infotainment system to the EV6 and Sportage, and there are plenty of eco-friendly materials used on the seats and the door cards. The boot is a massive 460 litres as well, 60 litres more than you get in a Volvo EX30.

10. Range Rover EV

New Range Rover EV front

Let’s inject some opulence into this list. An all-electric version of the mighty Range Rover is coming later this year, and it promises to be even more refined than the petrol-powered car and offer similar performance to the V8 model.

With no engine chugging away under the bonnet, making this EV quieter than the normal Range Rover shouldn’t be too difficult. There are some minor styling tweaks as well, such as the smoothed-over front grille.

11. Polestar 3

New Polestar 3

This is Polestar’s first ever SUV. The 3 is here to offer an alternative to cars like the BMW iX and Audi Q8 e-tron, and it’s easily recognisable as being from the Swedish brand. It looks a bit like a Polestar 2 which has been stretched out, but it’s still a stylish thing.

The 3 uses a massive 111kWh battery with up to 392 miles of range, and the performance model has 517hp. You can order one now, with prices starting from £75,900 – although we’re yet to drive one in the UK.

12. Porsche Boxster EV

New Porsche Boxster EV Front

Porsche’s entry-level sports car will go all-electric next year. The Boxster EV could use components from the bonkers Mission R concept, specifically its 435hp front axle motor. This would give it 35hp more than today’s Boxster GTS.

It’s also not going to use an underfloor battery pack like a lot of EVs, with a taller chest-style unit more likely. This will allow for similar weight distribution to a mid-engined car, improving overall agility.

13. Skoda Elroq

New Skoda Elroq front

The Skoda Elroq is an electric alternative to the brand’s own Karoq mid-sized SUV, and it’s due to be revealed this autumn. The design has been teased a couple of times, and you can see similar styling cues to the larger Enyaq.

Under that wrap is a 77kWh battery with up to 350 miles of range, and you can get a dual-motor version with 300hp. Expect prices to start from around £35,000 when the Elroq goes on sale.

14. Suzuki eVX

New Suzuki eVX concept

Suzuki will launch its first EV next year, and it needs to thanks to tightening emissions regulations. A handful of the brand’s petrol-powered models have been discontinued to pave the way for the new eVX, a chunky-looking small SUV.

It’ll have all-wheel drive to give it some off-road ability, and Suzuki says it’ll have up to 310 miles of range. That’s all we know for now though, so you’ll have to wait until 2025 to find out more.

15. Tesla compact EV

Tesla compact EV front

Elon Musk has been talking about a sub-£22,000 Tesla for years now, and it looks like he could be about to make good on this promise. It may not have a name just yet, but the new compact EV is going on sale in 2025.

It hasn’t been plain sailing to get to this point, after rumours emerged that Tesla would scrap this car in favour of self-driving robotaxis. Musk has since denied these claims, but a robotaxi based on this car could emerge in the future.

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