New 2021 Skoda Fabia revealed: prices, specs and release date

May 04, 2021 by

The affordable, practical Skoda Fabia supermini has grown in size and is available with plenty of all-new tech for 2021. Read on for full details.

  • New Skoda Fabia revealed
  • Takes on a modernised design
  • New car is bigger and more practical
  • Complete Interior overhaul
  • New tech includes digital driver’s display
  • Range of 1.0/1.5-litre petrol engines
  • Manual and automatic gearbox options
  • On sale this year

The new Skoda Fabia has been revealed. This small hatchback has been updated inside and out for 2021 to help it keep pace with the likes of the Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208.

New Skoda Fabia design

You might not be able to tell the new Skoda Fabia apart from the old car with a quick glance, but peer closer and you’ll spot a set of thinner headlights a new, wider-looking grille and a more angular piece of black trim in the lower bumper.

From the side, the new Skoda Fabia has a few extra creases in the doors and a revised kink under the windows that combine to make it look lower and longer than the previous model.

New, narrower brake lights and another chunky piece of black plastic trim on the rear bumper have a similar effect, making the new Fabia look subtly wider and closer to the ground than the previous boxy model.

New Skoda Fabia interior

While the exterior won’t be given a drastic makeover, the new Fabia is set to look quite different on the inside compared with its predecessor. On the new car, the dashboard is flanked by a pair of circular air vents and, while a conventional set of analogue dials will be available as standard, Skoda Fabia buyers will be able to spec a fully digital instrument display as an optional extra.

The new Fabia is also set to follow in the footsteps of cars like the larger Skoda Octavia in having a more minimalist dashboard design. While there will still be manual controls for functions like the air-conditioning, many of the car’s main features will now be controlled through the big touchscreen in the middle of the dash.

This central display measures 6.5 inches across in entry-level cars but higher-spec versions get a bigger 9.2-inch screen. Similarly, the most affordable Fabias come with a 3.5-inch digital driver’s display but more expensive versions get a much larger 10.25-inch digital screen.

Expect the next-gen Fabia to be a fair bit more spacious this time around, too. The new car is around 11cm longer and 5cm wider than the old car, and the car’s wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) has also grown by more than 9cm. All of this means the upcoming Fabia will be a fair bit roomier inside for passengers than the car it replaces.

You’ll be able to fit more stuff in the Fabia’s boot than you could before, too. Skoda claims the new car will have 380 litres of luggage capacity – which is 50 litres more than what you’ll get in the outgoing car, and is on par with what you’ll find in some larger family hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus and VW Golf.

If you need even more cargo space than that, the upcoming estate version of the new Fabia supermini will be more up your street. You’ll need to wait a little bit longer before you can buy one, though – Skoda says the next-gen Fabia Estate won’t go on sale until 2023.

New Skoda Fabia engines

The entry-level engine for the new Skoda Fabia is a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit that produces 65hp, although you can get a more powerful version of the same engine with 80hp.

A more powerful 1.0-litre petrol engine with 95hp and 110hp will also be available, and top-of-the-range models will come with a 150hp 1.5-litre petrol engine.

Pick a Skoda Fabia with an engine that produces up to 95hp and your car will come with a five-speed manual gearbox as standard. Versions with the 110hp engine come with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, but you can pay extra to upgrade to a seven-speed automatic gearbox if you prefer. This automatic ‘box comes as standard in Skoda Fabias fitted with the 150hp 1.5-litre petrol engine.

Skoda claims Fabias fitted with 65, 80, 95 and 110hp engines will return around 55mpg, while 150hp models can manage around 50mpg.

New Skoda Fabia release date and price

The new Skoda Fabia will go on sale soon. Prices for the new car aren’t expected to increase that much over the current car’s – expect entry-level models to start from under £15,000, while range-topping variants with a 1.5-litre petrol engine will likely set you back closer to the £25,000 mark.

The in-the-works estate versions will probably command a premium of £1,000 or so over their hatchback equivalents.

If you can’t wait for this new car to go on sale, check out the latest Skoda deals available on the current car, check out carwow’s pick of the best hatchbacks on sale or get help choosing your ideal new car.

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