New Volkswagen ID3 GTX: rear-wheel drive electric hot hatch revealed

March 13, 2024 by

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This is the new Volkswagen ID3 GTX, a hotted-up version of the brand’s sensible all-electric hatchback with rear-wheel drive and up to 326hp. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Volkswagen ID3 GTX revealed
  • The first rear-wheel drive GTX model
  • Up to 326hp in the Performance model
  • Lowered, stiffened suspension
  • Subtle sporty styling upgrades
  • New infotainment system

After being spotted by Carwow’s spy photographers during development last year, the new Volkswagen ID3 GTX has now been revealed and provides an alternative to cars like the Cupra Born and MG 4 XPower.

Rumours that the ID3 GTX would feature all-wheel drive have been quashed, as it actually features a single motor driving the rear wheels only.

New Volkswagen ID3 GTX motors and performance

The new ID3 GTX is Volkswagen’s first foray into all-electric hot hatches, and it bucks the all-wheel drive trend set by the ID4 and ID5 GTX by featuring rear-wheel drive only.

There are two power outputs to choose from. The standard car has 286hp courtesy of the same motor you’ll find in the back of the VW ID7. This gets you from 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds, over half a second quicker than the most powerful Cupra Born.

Then there’s a Performance variant which uses the same basic motor technology, however it’s been turned up to 326hp. The added power slashes the 0-60mph time to 5.6 seconds, which is about the same as a dual-motor Ford Mustang Mach-E.

New Volkswagen ID3 GTX chassis and suspension

Chucking a load of power at a car is all well and good, but it’s not much use if it all falls apart through the corners. Well Volkswagen has made a few changes under the skin to make the GTX more engaging to drive than the standard ID3.

It sits lower to the ground for a start by 15mm at the rear and 10mm at the front. The Performance model also gets a sport setup for the traction control, allowing you to adjust how firm the suspension is and the response from the steering and throttle for maximum fun when flinging the car through the bends.

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New Volkswagen ID3 GTX design

In true Volkswagen hot hatch style, the ID3 GTX has been given a reasonably subtle sporty makeover to distinguish it from the standard car. You have a new bumper at the front with a honeycomb lower grille unique to this hot version. There are also some new LED running lights on the lower edges.

The GTX comes with 20-inch alloy wheels as standard, either finished in gloss black or with a diamond-cut face. Some shiny black side skirts also add to the more aggressive look. A GTX badge is proudly displayed on the front doors as well, just to let onlookers know that you splashed out on the sporty model.

Changes to the rear are pretty subtle as well, with a gloss black lower portion being the only real giveaway that this is the GTX. The contrasting black roof also lifts things, and this model is available in a range of exclusive paint schemes, including this deep red colour.

New Volkswagen ID3 GTX interior and infotainment

While changes to the cabin in the ID3 GTX are pretty minimal, this car does mark the introduction of a larger central touchscreen across the whole ID3 range. This 12.9-inch display has been available in European market ID3s since last year, but us Brits have had to wait until now to get hold of it.

The display itself is a big improvement over the 10.0-inch screen you used to get. Not only is it bigger and brighter, it also features new software which makes it much easier to use. The climate control is still operated through the screen, however the buttons are now permanently at the bottom making them easier to use on the move.

Exclusive to the GTX are the body-hugging sports seats, which are finished in a nice and soft alcantara-like material. You also get a sporty-looking flat-bottomed steering wheel with a GTX logo displayed proudly on the lower spoke.

New Volkswagen ID3 GTX: how much will it cost?

There’s no word just yet on how much the new Volkswagen ID3 will cost, however you can expect it to fetch a premium over the current range-topper. This means you can expect a price tag of more than £50,000.

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