New Volkswagen ID5 (ID4 Coupe) spotted and GTX teased: price, specs and release date

John Tallodi and James Allen
April 29, 2021

The new Volkswagen ID5 has been spotted testing and a high-performance GTX model teased by VW ahead of its launch in late 2021. Read on for more.

  • New VW ID5 spotted
  • Similar specs to VW ID4
  • 77kWh battery
  • 204hp electric motor
  • 320-mile range
  • On sale in 2021
  • 299hp GTX trim also on the way
  • GTX to offer dual motors and all-wheel-drive
  • Expected to cost from around £40,000

Are you interested in a new electric SUV, but would prefer it to look sleek and sporty? Then the VW ID5 may be the car for you. It’s a family-sized coupe SUV that offers a more stylish alternative to cars such as the VW ID4 and Skoda Enyaq iV, and is set to land in showrooms before 2021 draws to a close.

VW has also announced that a similarly sporty ID5 GTX is on the way, following the reveal of the new performance-oriented ID4 GTX. 

New Volkswagen ID5 design

Even with the disguise on this test car, it’s clear the Volkswagen ID5 will bear more than a passing resemblance to other electric VWs such as the new ID4 and the China-only ID6 seven-seater SUV.

Its bluff front end and unfussy styling cues are shared with its electric VW SUV siblings, and the shape of the rear light cluster looks like it’s been carried over wholesale from the ID4.

Of course, the big change this car brings to the table is its roofline. Whereas other electric VWs have tended to have quite boxy shapes, the ID5 has a swoopy and rakish roofline that makes it easy to tell apart from the ID4 – especially when viewed side-on.

As the test car shows, the ID5 also gets a fairly subtle lip spoiler on the bootlid – expect rear visibility to take a bit of a hit compared with the boxier ID4.

Judging from the teaser images shown by VW at the ID4 GTX presentation, the new VW ID5 GTX should offer 20-inch alloy wheels and a slightly different front bumper from the standard car.

The rear bumper also looks to be slightly altered from the regular ID5 models and there’ll be an obligatory GTX badge on the boot lid

New Volkswagen ID5 interior

The new VW ID5’s cabin will look similar to the ID4’s, shown here…

That swoopy roofline will mean the ID5 won’t be as practical as the more conventionally-styled ID4, though. Don’t be surprised if taller passengers who can just about fit inside the ID4 will end up brushing their heads on the ID5’s roofline. Likewise, the boot in the VW ID5 likely won’t be able to match its ID4 sibling’s cargo capacity of 543 litres.

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Boot space and rear seat headroom aside, the ID5 shouldn’t be that much different on the inside to the VW ID4. Both cars are set to share the same pared-back interior layout, and will also likely be available with the same digital instrument display and 12-inch touchscreen tech.

The ID5 GTX variant should offer the same enhancements to the interior as the ID4 GTX. This means it’ll get ‘GTX’ lettering on the backrests and a generous complement of standard equipment underlining its range-topping status.

New Volkswagen ID5 battery, performance and range

The new ID5 will share the ID4’s 77kWh battery and 204hp motor. 

Because the VW ID5 is so similar under the skin to the ID4, it will almost certainly come with the same battery tech. That means the ID5 is set to get a 77kWh battery, which should be big enough to give it up to 320 miles of range. Don’t be surprised if a version with a smaller 58kWh battery and around 250 miles of range is also offered later down the line.

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From launch, the ID5 will almost certainly be available with a rear-wheel drive electric motor (once again, shared with the VW ID4) producing 204hp and 310Nm of torque.

Future ID5 GTX models are set to use the same dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup as the ID4 GTX. Producing 299hp it should be capable of a 6.2-second 0-60mph time while top speed will be limited to 112mph – plenty fast enough for the UK, then.

The GTX will feature a 77kWh battery pack. This gives the ID4 GTX 298 miles of range, but you can expect a few more miles from the more aerodynamic coupe-shaped ID5 GTX. Optional adaptive suspension should further enhance handling levels for this sporty electric car.

New Volkswagen ID5 price and release date

Expect the new VW ID5 to go on sale in 2021. 

The new ID5 is due fairly soon – VW has confirmed the electric coupe SUV will start going on sale in Europe in late 2021. Depending on when the order books open and how long it takes for deliveries to begin, expect to see the first ID5s landing in the UK by early 2022 at the latest.

A cheaper ‘ID5 Pure’ model should be available before 2022. 

As was the case with the ID4, the ID5 Coupe is set to launch in ‘1st Edition’ spec, with the largest available battery and with all the bells and whistles thrown in. These versions will likely cost from around £45,000 – though more affordable models with less kit and smaller batteries should start joining the ID5 range during 2022.

The top-spec ID5 GTX will naturally be a few thousand pounds dearer thanks to its enhanced performance and more extensive list of standard equipment.

If you can’t wait for the new ID5, compare the best electric cars on sale now or check out the best Volkswagen ID4 offers available through carwow.  

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