VW Golf Mk7 Options – Which To Choose?

As with almost every premium car you can care to think of, there are a myriad of extras available for Volkswagens highly acclaimed new Golf.
So much so, that it can all get a bit bewildering when it comes to optional equipment, you really are spoilt for choice!
Thats where our little guide comes in: weve scoured through the price lists, to see which boxes you should tick and which ones you should avoid!
First, though, a quick rundown of the three trims available on the new Golf.


Being the entry-level trim option, Golfs in S spec arent going to be the plushest versions of VWs new hatch. That said, they do come with a decent amount of equipment as standard, and are certainly worthwhile if youre looking at becoming an owner of a new Golf on a relative budget.


Though the acronym doesnt actually stand for step up, the SE trim is a slight improvement over the S spec. Steel wheels are out; 16-inch alloys are in, on top of all the Bluetooth, touchscreen, ESP and stop/start goodies on the boggo cars.


Top-spec and therefore the priciest Golf trim, but you do pay for what you get. Big car toys such as parking sensors and Volkswagens new navigation system come as standard, whilst GT cars have exclusive access to the all-new 1.4 petrol engine and the very clever cylinder deactivation technology that comes with it.
Vw Golf Bluemotion Rear

Options To Go For


Whilst it doesnt look quite as stylish as the 3-door Golf, the added bonus of having an extra set of apertures cant be ignored, especially if you regularly ferry people about.
At 655, its a bit of a pricey option, and 3-door cars tend to depreciate less, but its money well spent if you need the boost in practicality.

Alloy wheels

This ones perhaps more relevant to the folk wholl plump for the most basic of Golfs, as all trimmed in S specification come with steel wheels as standard. And, as appealingly retro that sounds, its likely many buyers will rather they had alloys.
At least the folk at VW who put together the price list werent too mean when they came up with a value for the alloys on S spec Golfs, as theyre all reasonably priced, with the cheapest coming in at 415. Given theyll also improve the look of the car (which in turn will make it worth a little bit more should you come to sell it), it might be a sound investment to make.
2013 VW Golf Bluemotion

Floor mats

On first impressions, it does seem a bit odd that Volkswagen plans on charging you for the liberty of having floor mats in your car, especially as an aftermarket set or a browse on eBay can get you something just as suitable for less.
However, it is nice knowing the mats that come in your car are the real deal, and not some you bought on promotional offer at Halfords. They are only 85.

Options To Not Rush Into

DSG transmission

Okay, so this ones a tad controversial: Volkswagen wont like us very much for saying you should avoid the DSG semi-automatic option, especially as the gearbox itself is quite hard to fault from a technical standing read through any review, and the general consensus from the critics is that its an ace transmission.
Our main gripe, though, is that its quite an expensive optional extra, it costs 1,415 over the manual. Yes, itll marginally improve fuel consumption and its claimed itll improve the cars residual value by a slight margin, but were not 100% convinced that its the one to have for everyone.
This is especially the case if youre either a fan of swapping gears with a lever and a clutch pedal or youre certain that petrol is right for you (for some reason, the claimed figures suggest the diesels are less efficient with the DSG).
Put simply, unless you absolutely need the automatic, your annual mileage is quite high or youll be owning the car for a while, wed advise you should at least consider staying put with the manuals that come as standard.


In VW parlance, DNS is the name for the firms all-new navigation system and as its name suggests the Pro version offers noticeable improvements over the boggo spec.
But it certainly doesnt come cheap, at 1,690 on the SE or 1,100 on the GT!Mk7 Golf Sat Nav

Volkswagen Golf

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