The best used car supermarkets

Used car supermarkets let you browse a range of second-hand cars without traipsing from dealer to dealer. We’ve drawn up a list of the best sites out there to help you find the ideal used car. We searched for a used Nissan Qashqai on these popular sites and compared them based on how easy they were to use, the range of cars on offer and average price of a used car.

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Here are the best used car supermarkets:

1. Car Giant

Number of used cars available – 3,435

Car Giant’s website was one of the slickest to use on our list and quickly found us a good selection of used Qashqai deals. We were impressed by how easy it was to filter cars to meet our exact requirements while sensible icons made understanding various trim levels and standard features particularly easy.

Car Giant couldn’t quite match the number of cars on offer from some rivals, but it did deliver the most impressive average prices on second-hand Nissan Qashqais fitting our search criteria. The excellent Compare Vehicles feature allows you to directly compare up to five cars at once, too.

2. Motorpoint

Number of used cars available – 6,757

Motorpoint offered a particularly impressive selection of used Nissan Qashqais – more than 160 cars matched our initial search criteria. The deals offered were good but some rivals do offer more affordable average prices.

Motorpoint’s website gave us the option to sort used cars based on a huge range of categories including emissions, price, age and even by a specific trim level. This could prove especially useful if you’re looking for a certain desirable optional extra. An added bonus was the detailed, if slightly dreary, video review embedded above the list of cars for sale.

3. AvailableCar

Number of used cars available – 5,080

AvailableCar delivered an impressive number of used car offers based on our search criteria and clearly displayed both cash and finance prices for each vehicle. Refining our search was fairly easy thanks to a number of useful filters but the website’s cluttered layout and seemingly infinite colourful buttons made comparing several cars a tiring process.

The offers we found were fair, if not hugely impressive, but the sheer number of used cars available and the detailed information offered on each was enough to grab third place on our list. We were particularly pleased with the numerous high-quality images offered for each used car – no grainy last-minute cameraphone pics here…

4. Car Shop

Number of used cars available – approximately 4,000

Car Shop’s website is both stylish and easy to use but the number of used cars available lags behind some rivals – we found just 27 Nissan Qashqais matching our search criteria. The prices are, however, fairly competitive and individual Hire Purchase finance deals for each car are explained clearly.

Oddly enough, while each car’s exterior is treated to an excellent selection of high-quality photos, their cabins appear to have been largely forgotten. In-depth information is available for each car, however, including a list of standard equipment and any optional extras that have been fitted.

5. Carcraft

Number of used cars available – 105,594

Carcraft boasts an incredible range of cars in stock – more than 15 times the number offered by any rival on our list. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough useful information offered for each car and finding a specific model is made difficult by the lack of search filters. You can sort cars by price and location but not age, mileage, engine, fuel type or trim level.

We were disappointed by the lack of decent images for some cars, too. Blank photos and poorly written descriptions – often vast lists with little consistency across the website – made comparing cars a fairly fruitless task. If you’re having trouble tracking down a specific model, however, Carcraft’s huge inventory may help you come up trumps.

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