Budget off-road cars: proof you don’t need a 4×4 to have fun

We picked up a trio of extremely cheap used cars that wouldn’t look out of place in a destruction derby race, and see how they’d fare on a tough and twisty 4×4 course.

It isn’t just mud and puddles that they’d have to contend with, either: among the hurdles in their way are slippery hills and a myriad nasty twists and dips that can tear off bumpers and smash their suspension to pieces.

As demanding as that sounds, don’t go thinking the three bangers don’t have what it takes to handle everything the off-road course has to throw at them. Being the most powerful car here, the Ford Focus should in theory have no problems taking on the hills.

The featherweight Peugeot 206 exchanges outright grunt for momentum-maintaining agility. The 206 was a pretty successful World Rally Championship car back in the day, too (as was the Focus).

Lastly is the Honda Civic saloon. While it doesn’t have rallying pedigree to speak of, it does at least follow in the Peugeot’s footsteps of being nice and light. Plus, it seems the previous owner was quite proud of their Civic saloon, as the Honda was in remarkably good condition – well, at least it was before it was thrashed around the off-road course.

Watch our video and make sure you vote for the banger you reckon was the best in our budget off-roader challenge at the end of the video!