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Range Rover TDV8 – Too Old to Consider?

The current Range Rover isnt long for this world. The proliferationof lightly-disguised prototypes driving around Jaguar-Land RoversWarwickshire base is enough to remind you of that.

The longevity of the current model is testament to how well-executedit was in the first place. A decade is a long time for any car to beon sale, and though the Range Rover has gained exterior detailchanges, new engines and new equipment levels, its largely the car itwas back in 2002.
Its appeal hasnt diminished in that time either. Were not too keenon the bling front grille and smaller headlights of current models,but the overall shape is restrained and tasteful, despite its size. Ina day where curves rule, theres something refreshing about thestraight lines and squared-off edges.
That grants the car large windows too, which make for outstandingvisibility. The lofty driving position helps, and perched high aboveother traffic with your chunky dashboard and large steering wheel,its hard not to feel quite regal. Wind noise is apparent, a sideeffect of the relatively brick-like aerodynamics.
The engine can be heard too, though the muted V8 tone isntunpleasant. Gearchanges from the 8-speed auto are imperceptible as the313bhp turbodiesel V8 wafts you down the road. If you ever want toexperience a luxuriously-appointed house doing a 0-60mph sprint, thenplanting your foot to the carpet will get you there in 7.5 seconds.
Space and practicality are never in doubt. The boot is huge, the seatsare supremely comfortable and the large cabin has a sense of airinessfound in few other vehicles. With Land Rovers Terrain Responsesystem, youre unlikely to get stuck in adverse weather, either.
Less practical is the fuel consumption, though if youre spending over90,000 on an off-roader, as with our Autobiography-spec car, then anofficial mpg of 30.1 and mid-twenties in regular driving probablyisnt much of a concern
Price as tested: 90,595
Combined mpg: 30.1
CO2: 253 g/km


You have to wonder where Land Rover can go with the next Range Rover,as for the market its aimed at, the current model is virtuallyperfect anyway. Doubtless the new one will have improved fuel economy,even greater luxury and enough gadgets to make Q-branch green withenvy.
It may be worth waiting for the new model now, but we cant reallydissuade you from buying the current model either. If you want aluxury 4×4 – or indeed a luxury car in general – there are few bettervehicles.
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