Skoda Octavia hatchback and estate sizes and dimensions guide

The latest Skoda Octavia is a bit of an unsung hero in the car world. A mix of quirky looks, solid reliability, good value and inimitable practicality means it’s one of the best mid-size cars on sale right now. Read on for all its key stats including boot space, size, turning circle and towing weights – and read our Skoda Octavia review for a whole lot more in-depth analysis.

Exterior dimensions

You’ve just got to look at the Skoda Octavia to see that it’s bigger than its rivals. The wheelbase and overall length are both longer than the Ford Focus and the VW Golf on which the Octavia is based – it’s a considerable 412mm longer than the Golf, which means you get a lot more car and interior space for the same money or less.

The Octavia is slightly lower than both the Golf and Focus. A lower roofline cuts into the rear headroom a little bit, but it’s far less swoopy than the Focus and more practical as a result.

Skoda Octavia hatchback and estate exterior dimensions
Dimension hatchback estate
Length 4,670mm (4,689mm for vRS) 4,667mm
Width 2,017mm 2,017mm
Height 1,461mm 1,495mm
Wheelbase 2,686mm 2,686m

Interior dimensions

The Octavia doesn’t do so well for front headroom – blame the lower roof for that – but it’s only 10mm shy of the Focus and 35mm shy of the Golf. Rear passengers will be happier in the Octavia because the straighter roofline gives a hard-to-beat 980mm. The Golf and Focus manage 967mm and 962mm respectively.

Skoda doesn’t measure legroom for its cars, but the longer wheelbase gives you far more room than either of its main rivals. For some sort of context, the Golf offers 903mm of rear legroom and the Focus gives 849mm. Despite only being 7mm wider than the Focus, the Octavia throws in much more room for your shoulders, suggesting it’ll be less cramped if all three rear seats are occupied. Read our Skoda Octavia passenger space review section for even more detail.

Skoda Octavia hatchback and estate interior dimensions
Dimension hatchback estate
Headroom (front/rear) 983mm/980mm 983mm/995mm
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,454mm/1,449mm 1,454mm/1,449mm

Boot space

If practicality and boot space are some of your top requirements, the Skoda needs to be at the top of your shopping list. The hatchback’s 590 litres of boot space with the seats up is a massive 210 litres more than the VW Golf and almost double the 315 litres of the Ford Focus. With the seats down, the difference is even more substantial. The Octavia has a massive 1,580 litres compared to 1,270 litres and 1,215 litres in the Golf and Focus respectively.

The estate version of the Octavia is only 5 litres bigger than the Golf Estate with the seats up, but 134 litres more than the Focus Estate. In full load-lugging mode with the seats down, the Octavia estate serves up a palatial 1,740 litres of space – 120 litres more than the boxy VW, and 224 litres more than the Ford.

Skoda Octavia hatchback and estate boot space
Dimension Hatchback Estate
Boot space (seats up) 590 litres 610 litres
Boot space (seats down) 1,580 litres 1,740 litres

Fuel tank and turning circle

Most Octavias have a 50-litre fuel tank, just as many Golfs do, although a few models such as the 4×4 Octavia Scout are equipped with a 55-litre tank. Buy a Focus, however, and a 60-litre tank is fitted on selected versions.

The 11 metres needed for most Golf and Focus models to do a U-turn is by no means a lot for this segment, but turning circle is another area where the Octavia comes out on top. It’ll swing round 180 degrees in 10.4 metres.

Skoda Octavia fuel tank and turning circle
Dimension hatchback/estate
Fuel tank 50-55 litres
Turning circle 10.4m

Weight and towing capacity

Even though the Skoda is larger than these two other cars, there’s no weight penalty to pay. A maximum weight of 1,252kg for the non-vRS models is less than the 1,264kg minimum weight of the Ford, and most estate Octavias only weigh a few kilos more than that. That said, the 4×4 models can add around 100kg, and the chunkiest vRS version can weigh up to 1,497kg. The heaviest Golf tips the scales at a mere 2kg more, and the Focus can weigh up to 1,471kg.

The Octavia’s lightweight doesn’t reveal any flaws when towing, either. In fact, with some models being able to haul a trailer weighing up to 2,000kg, the Skoda can manage more than some larger and more powerful cars. The Golf can tow 1,600kg, while the Focus can tow 1,500kg. Payload is yet another strong suit of the Octavia, meaning you can fill it up with heavier things than either the Focus or Golf.

Skoda Octavia hatchback and estate weight and towing capacity
Dimension hatchback estate
Weight (lightest/heaviest) 1,150kg/1,370kg 1,172kg/1,497kg
Max towing weight (braked/unbraked) 2,000kg/650kg 2,000kg/660kg
Towball weight 75kg 75kg
Max payload 625kg 645kg

Find out more about the Skoda Octavia

For loads more in-depth information read out Skoda Octavia review and check out our Skoda Octavia deals page to see how much you could save on a new one.

Skoda Octavia

Practical hatchback with easy-to-use infotainment and great safety features
£17,700 - £29,540
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Skoda Octavia Estate

Surefooted family car with one of the biggest boots in class
£18,900 - £30,940
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