This new Range Rover costs more than a house

April 04, 2024 by

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What you’re looking at here is the new Range Rover SV Buford Edition, and it’ll cost close to £275,000.

This is the new Range Rover SV Burford Edition. It’s a limited-run model which is inspired by the Cotswolds, and Range Rover calls it “the ultimate statement of luxury”. Well it had better be because, despite Range Rover quoting it as price on application, it costs just under £275,000 according to some dealers.

That’s almost £20,000 more than a top-of-the-range Bentley Bentayga Mulliner Extended Wheelbase, and a quick look at Rightmove brings up a handful of nice semi-detached houses in Range Rover’s home of Solihull for that sort of money.

So what level of opulence do you get when you spend this much on an SUV? Well it certainly grants you exclusivity, as just 10 Burford Editions will ever be made. To make sure onlookers know that your car is worth more than their mortgage this car gets unique satin grey paint, along with metallic script badging.

Step inside and you’ll find a light two-tone interior which features a soft woven material to provide a posh alternative to leather. The coordinated scatter cushions also add to the feng shui, as well as making the rear more comfortable for those being chauffeured around.

The Burford Edition is based on the Range Rover SV Long Wheelbase, meaning more space to stretch out in the back. It also means you have a 4.4-litre V8 engine under the bonnet with a healthy 615hp, so outrunning the paparazzi shouldn’t be an issue.

The lucky folks who manage to get their hands on an SV Burford Edition had better be happy with the specification as it is, because all 10 of these cars will be exactly the same. If you’d prefer to customise your new Range Rover then you’ll want to look towards SV Bespoke programme, which allows you to pick and choose every detail until you’ve got your dream SUV.

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