Official sketches reveal all-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf

Russell Campbell
October 10, 2019

Volkswagen has released more sketches of exactly what the new Volkswagen Golf will look like, inside and out. Read on for all the latest on the most important new-car launch of the year. 

These are the latest batch of official images we have seen of the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 ahead of the car’s official launch at the end of the month.

The sketches show that the new Mk8 Golf will get a neater nose design courtesy of a thinner grille and a VW badge that overlaps onto the leading edge of the car’s bonnet and the top of the front bumper – making it look like it’s been tagged on.

A pair of ultra-slim LED headlights sit on either side of the grille – for a modern look – but ‘w’ shaped daytime running lights, similar to the current Golf’s, mean the new car will be instantly recognisable as a VW at night. Finishing off the front end look is a lower bumper that should be more aerodynamically efficient than the one fitted to the current car.

The new Golf gets a huge infotainment screen that gives the interior a crisp, clean look…but no easy-to-use climate and volume controls

It gets a flash of chrome across its front and the new Golf looks like it could also get chrome surrounds around its windows for a posher appearance. By the looks of this sketch, the car will get creases above its front and rear wheels to make it look more dynamic even side on and the sills also look more pronounced than the current car’s. Sadly, there’s no picture of the rear but you can expect it to be all-new with sleeker LED tail lights, a boot-mounted spoiler and an updated back bumper.

Proof, if it was needed, that the new Golf gets an evolutionary design

Thankfully, the interior sketch is more insightful than the exterior pic. Like the sketch we saw earlier this year, it shows us the Golf will get a pair of floating infotainment screens that stretch across half the dashboard and sits atop a large swathe of trim that runs from your door, across the dash’ and into the passenger door. By the looks of it, it’ll give you somewhere to rest your hand when you’re operating the touchscreen, in lieu of a more conventional fixed control like you get in the Mazda 3. Below it is another flash of chrome that frames the car’s air-conditioning system’s vents.

And the word ‘evolution’ also applies to the Golf’s interior through the years

The net result of the huge multi-function screens is that – save for a cluster of four right buttons in the centre of the dash – there’s no need for physical controls, giving the Golf’s cabin a fuss-free, posh look. In fact, even the air-conditioning and the stereo will be controlled using the touchscreen. 

Also worthy of note is the small gear shifter, indicating that the Golf will get a shift-by-wire automatic gearbox to free up space in its centre console. 

If anything, though, the most exciting thing about these sketches is that they prove we are tantalisingly close to seeing the finished car, which will be unveiled on October 24 and go on sale in the UK in the spring.