Porsche Cayman GT4 RS snapped at the Ring

September 23, 2019 by

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Worried the Porsche Cayman GT4 isn’t fast enough for you? Well, your prayers have been answered. This is the Cayman GT4 RS – the most hardcore Cayman yet.

Not that you’d necessarily know that from these pics which show a car that looks almost identical to the, er, standard GT4. One thing you can’t fail to spot, though, is that top-mounted rear wing. It’s designed to produce more downforce than a conventional spoiler, although the rudimentary struts on this car suggest the exact design has yet to be finalised.

Another thing that will catch your attention are the mock vents behind the front windows that could hide vented perspex rear windows – 50% lighter than conventional glass. Other weight savings are likely to include a carbon-fibre roof and lightweight magnesium alloy wheels.

Inside, the Cayman GT4 RS will get a stripped-out feel with lightweight carbon-fibre seats, plus the option to deselect weighty kit such as the air-conditioning and stereo. In their place, you’ll be able to have motorsport-ready kit such as a lightweight titanium roll cage and a fire extinguisher.

If that all sounds right up your street, you can expect the Cayman GT4 RS to be revealed later this year with a price of around £85,000.

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