2020 SEAT Leon Cupra: Price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
October 01, 2019

The new SEAT Leon Cupra ST has been spotted. Read everything on the hot estate’s price, specs and release date.

  • Spotted

    New SEAT Leon Cupra hot hatchback

  • Specs include

    Powerful hybrid engine

  • Price and release date

    est. below £30,000; 2020

2020 SEAT Leon Cupra price and release date

The 2020 Leon Cupra is slated to for a 2020 release, with a price tag of just under £30,000. This means that it will be slightly cheaper than a VW Golf GTI, with which it shares a lot of the same underpinnings. The ST estate, meanwhile, is anticipated to be around £1,000 dearer than the hatchback.

Another thing you can expect is for the SEAT moniker to be dropped, as the brand continues to expand its Cupra line into its own unique, performance-orientated arm.

2020 SEAT Leon Cupra ST spotted

These are the first pictures to surface of the all-new SEAT Leon Cupra ST – the estate version of SEAT’s frenetically quick new hot hatch. 

Let’s hold off on talking about the car’s performance for a minute, though, because the first thing you’ll notice is that new Leon ST looks a lot more striking than the old model – even with the head-to-toe disguise worn by this car. 

Upfront, you can expect it to get a pair of piercing LED headlights and a bolder grille than the current model. This being a Cupra, you can also expect the camouflage to hide and an aggressive front splitter that will feed air to the turbocharged petrol engine’s intercooler. 

Peel away the eye-jumbling effects of the car’s wrap and it looks like the new ST will also have a more curvaceous body than the current model. Its bonnet appears longer and runs into a soft line that flows from above the front wheels along the doors and into the car’s tail lights – emphasising length. Even the rear window looks more steeply raked to give the car a sportier gate.

The large brake discs peeking from behind the Cupra’s huge alloy wheels hint that the ST will be able to back the sporty looks with serious performance. But the biggest giveaway that this is a performance model comes courtesy of the four mortar-sized exhausts peeking out from the car’s rear diffuser.

With its raked rear windows (seen here) and huge brake discs, is this going to be the sportiest Leon Cupra ST yet?

It contrasts the pair exhausts you’ve seen on previous prototypes, hinting that, along with a hybrid powertrain, it will likely get a revised version of the 300hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol that’s fitted to current Cupra models.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about the Cupra hatchback and that petrol-electric hybrid engine.

2020 SEAT Leon Cupra – more details

Unusually for a hot hatch, The new Leon Cupra will feature plug-in hybrid power. This is likely to be a version of the same engine and gearbox found in the VW Golf GTE, since SEAT and VW are part of the same wider group of brands and often share technology.

2020 SEAT Leon Cupra performance

The new Leon Cupra hot hatch is expected to deliver around 245hp from its petrol-electric engine. This should be enough to give the car a top speed in excess of 150mph and get it from 0-60mph in under seven seconds. Stopping power should be equal to the task of reining in that performance potential – these pics show the car wearing upgraded Brembo-branded brakes

As well as delivering a performance boost, the electric power will also mean the Leon Cupra can travel short distances on electric power alone – possibly enough to make it exempt from city centre tolls like the London congestion charge. And that’s not something you can say about many hot hatches.

2020 SEAT Leon Cupra styling

Despite the extensive camouflage here, we do know that the new Cupra will come with an array of sporty styling cues. These include large alloy wheels, twin exhaust pipes and a boot-mounted spoiler.

It also seems distinctly likely that the new hybrid hot hatch will get a bold grille, frowning LED headlights and a deep front bumper. Around the sides, bold creases will help mark the Cupra out from its Volkswagen Golf GTI sister car and there looks to be a pair of pretty LED taillights hidden under this car’s plastic wrapping. And of course, there will be that bronze Cupra tribal logo in place of the SEAT ‘S’.

2020 SEAT Leon Cupra interior

Inside, the Leon is said to get the same infotainment update destined for the new VW Golf. That means you can expect to get two large screens and a voice activation system that’ll be able to decipher regional accents and will be able to understand a broad range of voice commands.

The Leon Cupra’s infotainment is likely to have performance-oriented readouts for things like transmission temperature and oil pressure, and you can expect it to get a pair of supportive sports seats that’ll grip you properly on twisty roads, plus a sporty steering wheel.