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Exclusive preview of the new Skoda SUV

Matthew Mills
January 10, 2019

There’s a baby Skoda SUV in the works and we have an exclusive image of exactly how you can expect it to look ahead of its 2020 on-sale date.

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    As-yet-unnamed Skoda SUV

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Carwow has created exclusive renders of the upcoming, as-yet-unnamed 2020 Skoda SUV. The car will be heavily based on Skoda’s Fabia Vision X SUV concept, which was first unveiled at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Visually, this new SUV has several similarities to the Fabia Vision X. The bonnet still grooves upwards in the centre to accentuate the Skoda badge, while both the grille and headlights are unchanged, possessing that same, sleek shape. This unmodified front works in tandem with the doors – which retain the angular design of the Fabia Vision X concept and production cars such as the Karoq and  Kodiaq – to create a very trendy and modern-looking  esign.

While this car’s relation to the Fabia Vision X is pretty clear, there are also a plethora of differences. You can expect the ride height to be raised, and the front end’s bottom half will boast additional lights. The pillars located on either side of the rear window are slimmer, suggesting greater visibility than what you would expect from the Fabia Vision X. However, this SUV is predicted to be Skoda’s smallest yet, although it should still have room for tall adults in the back.

Skoda’s smallest SUV is expected to be highly customisable, predominantly with respect to the roof and interior and you can expect it to be offered in a variety of colourful special editions.

Beneath the skin, this Skoda SUV is expected to stay loyal to the Fabia’s mechanicals. The car will still be front-wheel-drive and engines will range from 1.0-litre petrols to 1.6-litre diesels. You should still be able to choose between a manual and automatic DSG gearbox, and that roomy boot – which, in the concept, Skoda bizarrely flaunted could fit two skateboards and a drone – is all set to make a comeback.

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