Skoda Scala interior

The Skoda Scala is a huge step-up inside versus its predecessor, the Rapid, while its infotainment systems are all easy to use, even if it’s all a little bland.


The Skoda Scala is sensible rather than stylish inside, albeit with enough quality and solidity to rival a Skoda Octavia which actually sits above it in terms of size and price in Skoda’s range.

There are soft-touch plastics on the Scala’s dashboard and doors, piano black and chrome accents and switches that feel substantial to use. It’s not quite VW Golf-good, but it easily rivals a Ford Focus or Kia Ceed.

The standard cloth seats don’t look too dowdy, but upgrading them to leather, unsurprisingly, lifts the feel of quality even further. There’s a choice of different trim inserts for the dashboard and doors, too, although some are more tasteful than others.

With three different infotainment screen options as well as Skoda’s Virtual Cockpit digital dials, you’re certainly not short of infotainment choice.

Mat Watson
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Entry-level cars get a small 6.5-inch colour touchscreen with menu shortcuts, but it’s worth upgrading to mid-level SE trim for its 8-inch version. It sits atop the dashboard so you don’t need to crane your neck to see it. Plus, its logical menus with shortcut buttons and bright, crisp graphics are impressive.

Then there’s an even larger 9-inch screen on range-topping SE L models with built-in sat-nav and Virtual Cockpit digital dials, but, in truth, the 8-inch system will be enough for most.

Indeed, the mid-level system also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so having built-in sat-nav isn’t a necessity, although it’s worth adding those digital dials as an option to SE trim if you can stretch to it they look superb, are really easy to read and lift the cabin even further. Another reason to upgrade from the entry-level infotainment system is the audio system, which goes from four speakers to eight.

All Skoda Scala’s are connected to the internet at all times, so can relay info such as weather and traffic reports. You can also download a smartphone app and control various functions remotely, such as locking and unlocking, as well as monitor the car’s fuel levels.

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