2015 Ford Focus ST colour guide

When you’re putting in an order for a hot hatch like the Ford Focus ST, your choice of colour might be the most important – and least expensive – tick you place on the order sheet in terms of its long term value.

The right colour will be easy to sell on and won’t take up all your weekends in a vain attempt to keep it shiny. The wrong colour might say plenty about you as a person but no one will want to buy it and it’ll forever be getting dirty.

We’re having a look at the ST’s palette and, with photos of each, helping you pick where to drop your money.

Solid colours

Race Red (Standard)

Red is still the default choice for performance cars and, although solid reds have a tendency to look a little plasticky, it’s a pretty reasonable complement to the Focus’s looks. You might find some ‘base colour’ snobbery, but red hasn’t been a common colour on Focus STs so there should be some value in its rarity – it’s one of the better no-cost options around.

Stealth (Standard)

The same can’t really be said of “Stealth”. It’s grey. We’ll let you decide whether you like it or not but, for us, it looks like a primary school paintbrush wash pot. It is, bizarrely, only a standard finish on the top spec ST-3 and unavailable on the ST-1 and ST-2 models – so you’re spared from having to make the choice.

Frozen White (£250)

You’ll already know if you like white cars and, if you do, then you’ll be very happy with this shade. Arguably, however, you’ll end up looking like a police car. The temporary joy of watching other motorists fall out of your way based on that impression may have to give way to the difficulty you’ll have keeping it clean.

Metallic colours

Panther Black (£525)

Black is an all rounder and, with a good polishing arm, you can get reflections and depth like few other colours. During the winter you’ll pick up road salt down the sides so keeping it clean might be tricky. It will be very easy to resell, though.

Deep Impact Blue (£525)

Probably the most iconic of hot Ford colours, this dark-ish blue really does suit the car’s shape and features. There’s a reason why just about every Ford ST, RS and XR throughout history has been offered in a dark blue. It’s not going to be for the Focus ST driver who likes to stand out from the crowd though – it’s a strong colour and likely to be very popular as a result.

Moondust Silver (£525)

Moondust Silver is a pleasant example of the type. It’s probably not the most imaginative of choices but you’re likely not to see too many other STs in silver. It’s a bit more of a common colour on the regular models – but it does still suit the lines of the car. Resale should be easy, keeping it clean probably won’t be.

Tangerine Scream (£745)

There’s no in-your-face option quite like Tangerine Scream for the Focus ST. Bright though it is, the orange isn’t necessarily the best complement for the lines of the Focus, so it’s worth taking a little time before just plumping for the loudest colour – especially considering it’s the priciest choice here.

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