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Ford Galaxy colours guide and prices

December 29, 2015 by

The Ford Galaxy is a seven-seater people carrier that offers space, comfort and safety technology in spades. If you’ve set your heart on one and are now selecting your exterior paint colour, the main considerations are frequency of washing, ease and speed of resale and visibility on the road.

The Galaxy comes in three trim levels, Zetec, Titanium and Titanium X. The same palette applies to all three, and comprises two non-metallic and four metallic shades, alongside one Design and one Special option.

If this sounds like the perfect car for you, use our Ford Galaxy car configurator to get a great deal. If the different types of paint on offer leave you feeling a little confused, take a look at our paint types guide.

Non-metallic colours

Blazer Blue – £0

Navy may remind you of school uniforms, but this blue is smart without being dull. It’s also a perennially popular car colour, so there should be no headaches on the reselling front. As another bonus, a colour this dark won’t need washing every five minutes.

Frozen White – £250

White cars are easily spotted on the road and quickly sold on. The sole downside, as you’d expect, is the frequency with which you’ll be visiting the carwash or getting out the buckets and sponge. This Frozen White is a glossy, slightly silvery version of one of the UK’s favourite car colours.

Metallic colours

Deep Impact Blue – £545

This smart, quite dark royal blue will put some colour in your drive without being garish. Equally, it shouldn’t scare off any potential buyers when the time comes for it to change hands. We’d expect it to fare marginally above average in the frequency-of-washing stakes.

Moondust Silver – £545

This is a mid-spectrum, gunmetal shade which shouldn’t throw up any reselling issues, since grey and silver are among the nation’s most popular vehicular hues after monochrome. As you’d expect, it’ll hide dirt for longer than a paler shade, but need cleaning more often than a darker model.

Magnetic – £545

This is a dark charcoal grey shade that’s practical and smart. It’s likely to be snapped up promptly by any potential buyer, and isn’t a colour that will show up dirt quickly. That makes it sensible choice if you do lots of miles, or you frequently drive on country roads.

Shadow Black – £545

This glossy, jet black is another smart choice, and it sets off the Galaxy’s chrome grille nicely. Black is one of the most sought-after vehicular shades around, so it’ll be easy to sell on. Although it will conceal the grim for a fair old while, be wary of poor quality car washes, which can leave unsightly swirl stains behind.

Design colours

Guard – £675

This is a classy, intensely dark grey that will give your Galaxy an elegant look. As well as being tasteful, it’s likely to prove a hit with potential future buyers. It’s also practical if you’re on the road a lot, since it will hide grubbiness for longer than most.

Special colours

Ruby Red – £825

This dark jewel red has purple tones and will certainly add a dash of colour to your motoring. It’s not garish, but you may find it just takes a shade longer to sell on than something a little more sober. It should do slightly better than average in terms of how long you can get away without cleaning it.

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