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Skoda Citigo colours guide and prices

The Skoda Citigo is a small city car that’s surprising practicality, fun to drive and offers low running costs. Before you take the plunge, you’ll need to decide what colour to choose. You should bear in mind how frequency you’ll need to clean your car and the ease with which you’ll sell it on.

The little Skoda comes in four trim levels, S, SE, SE L and Monte Carlo – the latter of which is only offered with certain colours. In all, there are three solid shades, four metallic and one pearlescent option. To understand the differences between different paint finishes, our car paint types guide is here to help.

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Solid colours

Tornado Red – £0

This is a bold, pillar box red that could be ideal if you fancy a colourful car that won’t be too hard to sell on – bright colours don’t tend to put off used buyers of small city cars. It’ll offer moderate grime concealing performance but fairly frequent cleaning is still a good idea.

Candy White – £140

White cars are hugely popular with British motorists meaning you’ll encounter no difficulties when you come to selling it to the used market. You’ll need to brace yourself for very frequent washing, however, because white offers no hiding place for dirt.

Sunflower – £500 (Not available on the Monte Carlo trim)

This is a lemon yellow shade that may not be for everyone – you might have to wait longer than other colours for a used buyer to take interest. As a lighter hue, you can expect motorway grime to make its presence felt pretty quickly. Nevertheless, extroverts will enjoy its bold, sunny appearance.

Metallic colours

Spring Green – £500 (Not available on the Monte Carlo trim)

This lime green is another unusual shade, so might take a little longer to sell on than you’d like. Its lightness means it’ll need regular cleaning to keep it looking good. That said, it’s an attractive shade without being garish and suits the dinky Skoda.

Brilliant Silver – £500

This pale silver will score highly for ease of resale – it’s a highly sought-after hue so will attract lots of used buyers. As a pale colour, very frequent washing will be required, so it might not be the most practical choice if your annual mileage is high.

Dark Sapphire Blue – £500 (Not available on the Monte Carlo trim)

Blue always sells speedily, so you should find a buyer promptly if you choose this shade. Its darkness also makes it practical because it’ll conceal grime for a long time before needing a wash.

Tungsten Silver – £500 (Not available on the Monte Carlo trim)

This steely silver is a shade darker than Brilliant Silver, so will need cleaning marginally less often – though it will of course still get grubbier faster than a darker model. Silver is a perennially popular motoring hue, so we wouldn’t envisage any reselling hassles when you need it to change hands.

Pearlescent colours

Deep Black – £500

This shade is a sleek black that’ll instantly be popular on the used market. Black doesn’t tend to hide dirt well and you should give cheaper car washes a swerve – they can leave ugly swirl patterns in their wake.

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Skoda Citigo

Excellent value for a practical, charming city car
£10,165 - £11,890
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