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Tuned BMW M5 Competition vs Ferrari 488 Pista drag race

October 09, 2020 by

We all know BMW M cars are fast, but can the latest M5 Competition really be quicker than one of the most exotic Italian supercars ever made – the Ferrari 488 Pista? 

Tap the video to watch the race.

First up, an admission. This is no ordinary BMW M5 Competition – its 4.4-litre V8 has been tweaked and fettled by masters of the M-car, Evolve Automotive, who’ve fitted a new downpipe, a racier air intake and some software tweaks to the car’s electronic brain.

As a result, this practical four-door saloon is pumping out 800hp and 950Nm of torque. That’s 225hp and 200Nm more than the standard M5 Competition. Good thing it comes with four-wheel drive to help turn all this power into forward progress, then… All in, a brand-new M5 Competition, plus Evolve’s tune, will set you back a bit less than £110,000.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s less than half what the Ferrari 488 Pista cost when it was new. And, the Cadbury-coloured two-seater we have here has actually gone up in value – now it’s worth around £300,000.

But, if you ignore the price for a second, you’ll notice the Ferrari is trumped by the BMW in every area. It’s 3.9-litre V8 is smaller than the BMW’s, and it produces ‘just’ 720hp and 770Nm of torque. It’s seven-speed automatic gearbox has one fewer ratio than the M5’s, and it sends power to just the rear wheels, instead of all four.

However, the Pista is also lighter – chalking up a mere 1,390kg compared with the BMW’s portly 1,940kg. But, will this be enough to to give the Italian supercar the win? Watch the race to find out.

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