What is Audi S-Line? Is it worth it?

Audis are very popular cars on the roads today. For many buyers, the prospect of having those four silver rings on their bonnet is a sign they’ve made it. There may be a number of finance packages to help buyers of all budgets into an Audi but all have that distinctively expensive feel that puts them ahead of the competition.

Chances are, your Audi won’t be cheap to buy, but you don’t want to compromise and get one that just squeezes in your budget – you want to feel like you’ve bought the car you deserve not the one you could afford. When the time comes to specify your Audi, you’ll probably be presented with the option of the S-Line trim – but what is it? And is there a way to get it for less money?

As a rough and ready rule, S-Line trim costs up to £2,500 more than an equivalent car in the trim level below. S-Line buyers typically get larger alloy wheels, lower and sportier suspension, xenon and LED head- and taillights, a sportier body kit and leather-upholstered sports seats over lesser trims.

Non-S-Line Audi A3 on the left, S-Line on the right


You can spot S-Line Audis out on the road by the small badge that usually gets stuck on the wings. More aggressive body panels with larger air vents and deeper skirts make the car look lower and more purposeful, and the larger alloys fill the wheel arches better than smaller ones. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but it’s hard to argue that S-Line cars aren’t more eye-catching than their standard siblings.

To match the lower bodykit, S-Line models get sports suspension. This generally drops the car’s ride height by around 20mm and gives it stiffer damper settings. On the smooth roads of Germany, this might help handling but, on the UK’s scarred highways, it can often make the car uncomfortable. Thankfully, Audi offers normal suspension as a no-cost option on many of its S-Line cars and many critics suggest UK buyers take this up.

S-Line cars also get some high-gloss black styling elements such as the slats in the grille and window surrounds on certain models. Finally, most S-Line cars get posher headlights and some get updated LED taillights, too. They’re subtle differences but, compared side-by-side to a standard model, S-Line versions look more upmarket.

Non-S-Line on the left, S-Line on the right


Inside, it’s much the same story as the outside. Small changes such as a flat-bottom, three-spoke steering wheel, brushed aluminium accents, and perforated leather on the gearstick all help make the cabin feel slightly more upmarket. It’s worth mentioning that, on many of Audi’s most popular models, S-Line cars don’t usually get extra technology like a sat-nav or Bluetooth – these often remain optional.

The biggest – and most expensive – addition to the interior is the fitment of nicer seats. In non-S-Line models that get cloth, the S-Line version gets leather seats and, where non-S-Line models do get leather, S-Line versions get leather sports seats. Certain models such as the A6 get adjustable lumbar support on S-Line models, too.

To S-Line or not to S-Line?

Whether you spend the extra couple of grand or so on S-Line trim is entirely down to what you prioritise when buying a car. If, for you, your Audi should make a clear style statement and constantly remind you that you’ve earned your wheels then you should take the plunge. S-Line cars generally look more exciting than their lesser siblings and, with the lower suspension and bigger wheels, they’ll probably handle better, too.

However, if you’re more concerned with the kit included with your car rather than the way it looks, we’d suggest saving yourself the outlay. If you avoid the S-Line package and use the money to get the sat-nav and infotainment options you want, you’ll get a car with much more of what you need with less of what you don’t. Most don’t require sportier seats, wheels and suspension setups but many would benefit from a sat-nav.

Upgrade to S-Line for free

How on earth can you get S-Line for free? Well, on average people who buy their cars through carwow save £3,600 – or more than enough to upgrade to S-Line for free. To get started click the green button on the carwow homepage and configure your ideal Audi. The UK’s top Audi dealers will then get in touch with their best offers. It’s not all about price though – these dealers are the top-rated ones in the country so you’ll get a smooth buying experience too.

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