New Ford Kuga price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
April 03, 2019

The new Ford Kuga has been revealed. It gets a more spacious interior and three hybrid options. Keep reading for everything you need to know on the latest version of Ford’s most popular SUV.

  • Revealed

    new Ford Kuga

  • Specs include

    PHEV hybrid model; class-leading rear kneeroom

  • On sale date and price

    December 2019; price from £24,000

2020 Ford Kuga price and release date

The new Kuga won’t go on sale until December 2019 with a starting price of around £24,000 for a two-wheel drive petrol model. Expect a top-of-the-range Vignale hybrid to be priced at closer to £40,000.

2020 Ford Kuga styling

The 2020 Ford Kuga shares a lot of its parts with the Ford Focus and the resemblance is clear to see in these pictures. You get the same smart grille, piercing headlights and curves on the side of the car – all of which make the bulky Kuga look like a Focus that’s had one too many pies. Basic Titanium models make to do with relatively small 17-inch wheels, but they grow to 18-inches in Vignale versions and 19-inches in sporty ST Line cars. You can also choose from 12 shades of paint including Diffused Silver, Sedona Orange, Blue Panther, Lucid Red and Star White.

2020 Ford Kuga interior and practicality

The 2020 Ford Kuga’s similarities to the Focus continue inside, where you get the same eight-inch infotainment screen popped on top of the dash and the same clean design with conventional buttons reserved for the stereo and heater controls. 

The new Kuga is longer, wider and has a bigger wheelbase than the car it replaces. As a result, upfront Ford claims the new model offers 43mm more shoulder room and 57mm more hip room than the car it replaces, while in the back the same measurement increase by 20 and 36mm respectively. Ford also claims your rear passengers get class-leading knee room, the backbench slides forwards and backwards to balance between leg room and boot space, and you can have the outer seats heated.

In terms of boot capacity, Ford has yet to reveal a figure, but expect it to be roomier than the current model’s 406-litre boot. It’ll also be more convenient to use thanks to a rear-seat folding mechanism that’s located right at the front of the boot and a reversible boot floor with a wipe-clean side that’ll stop things getting mucky. 

In terms of towing, the Kuga is available with a handy electrically retractable tow bar and has a healthy maximum towing capacity of 2,250kgs – 450kgs more than a Nissan Qashqai offers. 

2020 Ford Kuga infotainment

The 2020 Ford Kuga brings a vast infotainment upgrade. That includes Ford latest SYNC3 infotainment system that provides a WiFi connection for up to 10 devices. You also get connected services via Ford Pass Connect. For example, you can share the car with other family members using an electronic key available through on the Ford app, keep tracks on the car’s location and check its remaining fuel, all wirelessly. Ford even covered the basics by fitting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard so you can use all your favourite navigation and music apps on the car’s big screen.

An even bigger screen comes in the form of the car’s 12-inch digital instrument binnacle. According to Ford, its the first of its type to use ‘free-form technology’ allowing for its curved upper edges and it also gets pretty 24-bit ‘true colour’ graphics. 

If you’re more into sound than visuals, a B&O stereo is optional. It features 575W power and ten speakers that envelope you and your passengers in noise while an external subwoofer provides bone shattering bass. 

2020 Ford Kuga hybrids

The changes made for the 2020 Ford Kuga go deeper than giving it smarter styling and a modern interior, you also get some big improvements under the skin.

For starters, there are no less than three hybrid models to choose from. They are led by the Kuga PHEV (plug-in hybrid). It uses a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine that is boosted by an electric motor to provide 225hp and spectacular fuel economy of up to 235mpg, though you’ll only get close to that figure on short journeys. It’s an ideal SUV to consider if you live in a city like London, because its low CO2 emissions mean it’s exempt from paying charges like the capital’s Congestion Charge. It can also drive for more than 30-miles on electricity alone – slashing your fuel costs if you have a short commute.

The same setup can also be had in self-charging hybrid form. Ideal if you have nowhere to charge a car, it’ll return fuel economy of up to 50mpg and you’ll be able to choose from front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.

Last in this trio of hybrids is the mild-hybrid EcoBlue diesel. It uses a 150hp 2.0-litre diesel engine that’s combined with a 48v power supply and a large starter motor, which can provide additional thrust when setting off to help save fuel. As a result, it can return fuel economy of up to 56.5mpg. 

2020 Ford Kuga engines

You can still have your Kuga with a choice of four conventional diesels and petrols. They include a front-wheel drive 120hp 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel and a four-wheel drive 190hp 2.0-litre diesel. They return between 50 and 60mpg and can be ordered with an optional eight-speed automatic gearbox. Both 1.5-litre petrols are front-wheel drive and have a six-speed manual gearbox. They produce either 120 or 150hp and get fuel economy of just over 40mpg.

2020 Ford Kuga driving

The 2020 Ford Kuga uses the same high-tech platform as the new Ford Focus. As a result, the new version weighs 90kgs less than the car it replaces. It’s also 10% more rigid, so you can expect the Kuga to maintain Ford’s tradition for building family cars that are surprisingly enjoyable to drive. All models come with Drive Mode technology – Ford’s version of a drive select system – that allows you to adjust the weight of the steering, sensitivity of the throttle and stability control system and, on automatic models, the speed of gear changes. 

Sadly, Ford’s Active Noise Control is an option you have to pay for. It only comes as standard on upscale Vignale models and the EcoBlue hybrid. Using three strategically placed interior microphones, it can detect noises and then cancel them out using opposing sound waves that trick your head into thinking there’s no noise at all. 

2020 Ford Kuga autonomous driving aids and safety

The new Ford Kuga is available with a suite of safety feature that mean it can effectively drive itself on motorways and A roads while automatically observing the speed limit… If you want it to. The system can even stop you from pulling out in front of other cars and can help steer you round potential collisions. Go for an automatic model and the Kuga can even park itself into tiny spaces – all you do is hold down a button and the car operates the steering, accelerator and brakes.