Infiniti QX50

Viable Audi Q5 and BMW X3 SUV rival deserves more recognition

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 11 reviews
  • Attention grabbing looks
  • Loads of standard equipment
  • Good to drive
  • Not that practical
  • High running costs
  • There are few Infiniti dealers

£34,500 - £42,600 Price range


5 Seats


25 - 33 MPG


The Infiniti QX50 is marketed as a ‘crossover coupe’, which most of the experts think might be stretching a point, although they all agree that it is a great vehicle to drive.

It is a good-looking car marketed as a premium product, but the good looks do restrict the interior space a bit. Nonetheless, the reviewers liked it a lot and suggest that it would make a fine buy, especially given the superlative customer service that Nissan are promising all of their Infiniti customers.

The interior is of very high quality, and is noticeably more expensive-looking than that of, say, a BMW X3. The driving position is excellent and drivers of all sizes will be able to get comfortable, even for long periods of time.

The problem is that the rear seats are no use at all unless your passengers are small children. The swooping rear end looks terrific but it eats into the available headroom to the point that this could be a game-changer for those who are likely to have to carry teenagers or adults in there. Still, at least the boot is a decent size.

Quick, although numb, steering and a nimble, agile chassis mean that the Infiniti QX50 is great to drive. It might lack the precision of a BMW X3, and the ride might be a bit “busy” but it’s much, much better than any heavy crossover has any right to be and is genuinely good fun to hustle along twisty roads.

It’s quiet and civilised on the motorway with nicely hushed wind and tyre noise; the engines are all but inaudible too, making it a fine long distance cruiser.

The petrol engine is powerful, sounds great, but is a wee bit thirsty. The diesel engine, by way of contrast, doesn’t sound as good, but is powerful, posts similar performance, gives effortless overtaking, and is economical.

The QX50 is well equipped and so represents good value for money when you compare it against similarly specified rivals, even if the initial purchase price looks high.

Nissan also promise to collect and deliver your car for servicing, travelling up to 150 miles to do so. This is something that will be a source of joy when it’s service time!

If you need to be able to carry tall people in the back then the Infiniti QX50 isn’t for you. But if you don’t then it offers a great deal and is certainly a rival to the BMW X3 or Audi Q5. Its good looks, great engines, and polished chassis mean that it deserves to be better known than it is.