Skoda targets fast drivers and the police with Octavia vRS 230 edition

February 20, 2015 by

Love driving fast down twisty roads, but need room for the family? Skoda has a new edition of the Octavia for you…

Skoda’s announced that there’s going to be a more powerful version of its popular unmarked police car, the Octavia vRS.

Called the Octavia vRS 230, it puts out 227hp (230PS if we’re going to use German power units), which is an increase of 10 horsepower over the standard vRS. A Skoda spokesman has confirmed you’ll be able to get this special edition in hatchback or estate forms.

Perhaps more interestingly for keen drivers is the addition of an electronically controlled locking differential, which will help put down the car’s power as you accelerate out of tight corners instead of spinning a wheel uselessly.

These two updates help the vRS 230 reach 60mph from a standstill in just 6.7 seconds – a decent speed for a car based on one of the most practical family hatchbacks on sale. It’ll can go on to reach 155mph too, making it the fastest production Skoda ever.

vRS 230 interior: no obvious changes from the standard vRS’s insides

Details on exterior changes are scant, but we’ve spotted a black boot spoiler on the hatchback photo above. Whether this will change colour if you specify a black car is yet to be seen, and the estate vRS has a different style of spoiler altogether, so we’re unsure what that will look like in vRS 230 guise.

The white car in the press photos also has 19-inch alloy wheels which are optional on the standard vRs – there’s no word yet on whether these come as standard on the vRS 230 edition.

Skoda Octavia vRS 230 goes on sale in summer 2015

No prices have been announced yet, but expect a small premium on top of the standard Octavia vRS’s price of £24,100 for the hatchback and £24,905 for the estate.

We’ve been told that the order books for the vRS 230 will open in early summer 2015 – likely June – with the first cars being delivered in August. Could this be your choice of car to wear a 65 numberplate?