New Smart #1 EV SUV available to order from December: price, specs and release date

May 26, 2022 by

The Smart #1 EV SUV will be available to order in the UK from December 2022. This is the brand’s first SUV and it’s a sign of what’s to come from future smart models. Read on for more details.

  • Smart #1 SUV available to order from December
  • 100 Launch Edition versions available
  • Largest Smart vehicle to date
  • Electric-only five-door SUV
  • Over 270 miles of range
  • 150kW fast charging
  • Rear-wheel-drive only

The Smart #1 SUV has been revealed in Germany. The is the brand’s first ever electric SUV and the largest vehicle it has ever produced.

This alternative to the Peugeot e-2008 and Mini Countryman EV is available to order from December 2022 with deliveries starting in mid 2023.

New Smart #1 design

Fans of Smart’s quirky styling of old will be disappointed to see that the new #1 is a much more conventional offering. It’s a smart-looking mid-sized SUV.

It’s also the largest car Smart has ever made, being around the same size as a Mini Countryman. The pointy headlights and blanked-off grille are new for the brand as well.

This sleek styling isn’t just for show either, because the Smart #1 is set to be one of the most aerodynamic SUVs on sale to help it slip through the air cleanly and maximise how far you can drive between charges. More on this car’s range in a bit…

The rear-end design echoes that of the front, with a similar LED taillight cluster connected by a full-width light bar. The whole car has a very smooth look to it, with the door mirrors being the only obvious protrusion.

The #1 will be kicking-off with a Launch Edition which comes in a special white and gold paint scheme, along with unique 19-inch alloy wheels and matrix LED headlights.

New Smart #1 interior

The interior of the new Smart #1 will remain faithful to the design of the concept car shown last year. It has the same flat-bottomed steering wheel and small driver’s display set behind it.

You get a tall floating centre console that’s covered in metallic trim, as well as some funky-looking ambient lighting. There’s a huge tablet sat atop the dash that will control most of the car’s functions, including the climate control. To keep things simple, many of the cars commands can be operated using voice commands.

The full-length panoramic sunroof makes for a light and airy cabin, and all-in-all it looks like a spacious interior. The rear seats can also be moved backwards and forwards depending on whether you want more luggage space or more rear legroom – a handy feature in a car this size.

Launch Edition models get some upgrades including a two-tone leather interior, a 13-speaker Beats audio system and wireless smartphone charging.

New Smart #1 battery, performance and range

The Smart #1 SUV will be built as a joint venture between Chinese manufacturer Geely and Mercedes-Benz (who owns the Smart brand.)

The #1 will have a 66kWh battery with 273 miles of range. It also offers 150kW DC fast charging, which will boost the battery from 10% to 80% in around 30 minutes. A 22kW AC charger should do the same top-up in three hours.

The Smart #1 will only be offered with one motor driving the rear wheels. It’ll have 272hp and 343Nm of torque, with a top speed of 111mph.

New Smart #1 price and release date

The Smart #1 will be available to order in the UK fro December this year, so expect deliveries to start in mid-2023.

Seeing as this will be a completely new model in the Smart lineup with far more power, range and space than today’s EQ ForTwo and EQ ForFour models, you can expect the new car to cost more – likely around the £35,000.

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