10 best Nissan Qashqai alternatives 2024

May 21, 2024 by

It may not have been the first SUV on the market, but the Nissan Qashqai played a key part in popularising crossovers in the UK thanks to its affordable running costs and jacked-up driving position.

Pretty much every mainstream manufacturer now offers an alternative to the Qashqai, so here are 10 of the best.

10 best Nissan Qashqai alternatives:

  1. Volkswagen Tiguan
  2. Skoda Karoq
  3. Audi Q3
  4. Citroen C5 Aircross
  5. Ford Kuga
  6. Toyota CH-R
  7. Kia Sportage
  8. Tesla Model Y
  9. Hyundai Tucson
  10. Renault Austral

Volkswagen Tiguan

New Volkswagen Tiguan front

Best for: being a great all-rounder

There are plenty of Volkswagen Tiguans on the roads these days, and for good reason. It’s a great all-rounder. The latest iteration is spacious, well-made and comes packed with tech, all while being really comfortable and easy to drive.

It won’t set your pulse racing, but then again neither will the Qashqai. If you’re after one car which does it all, the Tiguan is a great place to start.

Skoda Karoq

Skoda Karoq front

Best for: no-nonsense practicality

Skoda has long had a reputation for cavernous practicality, and the Karoq is no exception. It’s packed with Skoda’s usual range of ‘Simply clever’ features, including an umbrella in the door and an ice scraper in the fuel filler.

You’ll want to avoid the entry-level 1.0-litre engine as it feels sluggish, but go for the 1.5-litre petrol and you’ll have a nippy family SUV with loads of interior space and a massive boot.

Audi Q3

Audi Q3 front

Best for: being a premium product

You might feel the Skoda Karoq is just a little too sensible for your tastes, and the VW Tiguan too doesn’t quite have the sparkle you’re after. If so, the Audi Q3 could fit the bill perfectly.

Yes, you’ll pay a little more for the Audi than you would for some of its rivals, though if you’re using finance as most people do, the difference may not be quite as marked as you might imagine. Either way, once you’re sat in the posh, refined and well-equipped cabin of the Q3, you’re likely to surmise that you made the right choice.

Citroen C5 Aircross

Citroen C5 Aircross front

Best for: Fantastic value for money

There’s a reason the Citroen C5 Aircross took home the Family Values award at the Carwow Car of the Year Awards in 2024, and that’s because no other SUV offers this much space and kit for the money.

It may not have the best infotainment system out there, but the C5 Aircross makes up for this by being comfortable and stylish, while also offering a big boot.

Ford Kuga

New Ford Kuga front

Best for: being great fun to drive

If you’re after an SUV but don’t want to sacrifice on driving fun, the Ford Kuga is a great shout. It’s no hot hatch, but it’s still impressively agile when the road gets twisty while still being comfortable enough for daily driving duties.

It may not have the biggest boot in its class, although it’s still bigger than the Qashqai’s and it makes up for it with a generous list of standard kit and a plug-in hybrid option which can do a respectable 35 miles on electric power alone.

Toyota C-HR

New Toyota C-HR front

Best for: Stand-out styling

Some people just want to stand out in the supermarket car park, and if you’re one of those people then check out the Toyota C-HR. It looks like it’s just landed from outer space, and it’s more than just good-looking.

You get all the driver assistance tech you could want as standard, including adaptive cruise control, and it’s comfortable to drive as well. You do have to put up with a noisy range of engines, but at least they’re efficient.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage front

Best for: great warranty

The Kia Sportage is a snazzy-looking family SUV with a great seven-year warranty, so you have the peace of mind knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong. It’s also got a massive boot for lugging around the family’s clobber.

It might not be quite as comfortable as the Nissan Qashqai, but the Sportage is still great to drive and it’s available with a good range of efficient hybrid engines. The interior is a nice place to spend time as well.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y front

Best for: Class-leading tech

Electric SUVs are getting ever more popular these days, none more so than the Tesla Model Y. This space-aged family car offers an enormous boot, cavernous interior space and it’s properly quick as well.

It’s quite a bit more expensive than the Qashqai, but you do get an insane amount of tech as standard. The Model Y also has great driving range, and you have access to Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network for topping up on the go.

Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson front

Best for: Huge boot

It may have been around for a few years now, but the Hyundai Tucson still turns heads with its outlandish styling. Not only does it look funky, it’s also got one of the biggest boots in its class.

The looks may not appeal to everyone, but there’s no arguing that the interior is really high-quality. There’s plenty of tech on offer as well, and it’s easy to drive.

Renault Austral

Renault Austral front

Best for: Chic styling

The Renault Austral is great for adding some French flair to your morning commute thanks to its funky design, and the cabin is just as stylish. It’s not a case of style over substance though, because the Austral offers some impressive tech for an affordable SUV.

Range-topping versions can be had with rear-wheel steering, for example – a feature usually reserved for luxury limos. It may not be the most practical offering, but there are three ISOFIX anchors inside for securing your triplets.

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