The best small 7 seater cars on sale

If you want a car with seven seats then there’s nothing to say you have to buy something absolutely massive. In fact, there’s a range of capable, smaller vehicles on the market that mix practicality with a third row of seats. Here’s our list of the top 10 best small seven seaters on the market at the moment.

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1. VW Touran

The spacious Volkswagen Touran is the perfect choice for those wanting a Golf but needing an extra row of seats. Based on the current Golf platform, it shares the smaller car’s sophisticated styling and high-quality interior, which is impressively well equipped.

The two rearmost seats are best suited for children but give you  great flexibility. Whether you need a comfortable five-seater with a big boot or two more seats, the Touran has you covered. Impressive fuel economy, pleasant driving dynamics and strong residual values all add to the appeal.

Check out the savings using our VW Touran deals page.

2. Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The Grand C4 Picasso is one of the most striking looking MPVs on the market, with a flexible cabin and smooth ride to match. The comfortable, futuristic interior matches the car’s slick exterior and is packed full of standard equipment.

There’s plenty of room for a growing family, too – the middle row has three individual seats,  each with their own isofix mounting points. The third row is roomier than some of the Picasso’s competitors, making it a strong option for those wanting seven seats without compromising style and space.

Check out the savings using our Citroen Grand C4 Picasso deals page.

3. Ford Grand C-Max

The Ford Grand C-Max is based on the same platform as the Focus and retains the popular hatchback’s entertaining handling while adding much-needed space and an extra row of seats. With a good range of engines and smart looks, it’s a convincing compact seven seater.

The high quality interior and spacious cabin are easily accessed by useful sliding rear doors, which sets the Grand C-Max apart from its closest competitors. The third row is a handy addition but the seats are on the cramped side.

Check out the savings using our Ford Grand C-Max deals page.

4. Kia Carens

The Kia Carens is a reliable, good value seven seater with a class-leading seven-year warranty. The re-energised Kia brand has given the Carens handsome looks and a well-equipped interior,, and it’s really quite spacious inside.

Although it may not match its rivals in the handling and engine range stakes, the Carens is a solid, sensible and well-priced option for those who need plenty of room to transport family around and the bonus of seven seats when needed.

Check out the savings using our Kia Carens deals page.

5. Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you need seven seats but don’t want boxy MPV looks, then check out the Land Rover Discovery Sport. This off-road-ready SUV is actually one of the best seven seaters around, thanks to a stylish interior, sharp looks and plenty of space in a more compact body.

Alongside its obvious off-road capabilities there’s a flexible cabin, handy infotainment system and plush touches that give the cabin an air of luxury. Naturally, this doesn’t come cheap and running costs will be higher, but the Discovery Sport is a great seven-seat alternative to the humble MPV.

Check out the savings using our Land Rover Discovery Sport deals page.

6. BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

BMW isn’t a name you necessarily associate with seven-seat MPVs but the 2 Series Gran Tourer is a capable and spacious machine that combines BMW’s high-quality feel and practicality with its renowned driving dynamics.

The well-built, impressively-equipped cabin will make drivers of other BMW models feel right at home and the car is cheaper to run compared to its rivals. But the plush cabin and roomy interior come at a price, even if you avoid the lengthy options list.

Check out the savings using our BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer deals page.

7. Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

The Ford Grand Tourneo Connect has plenty of space for seven and boasts surprisingly pleasant handling – especially when you consider the bulky MPV is based on the Ford Transit van. The roomy interior is well screwed together and will feel familiar for Focus drivers.

It doesn’t have the same sharp looks or compact silhouette as others on this list but the Grand Tourneo Connect offers a vast amount of space, as well as durability and flexibility – all for a very reasonable price.

Check out the savings using our Ford Grand Tourneo Connect deals page.

8. Toyota Prius+

If you want seven seats but yearn for a car with a greener image, the Toyota Prius+ is a strong option, with  top build quality and long list of standard equipment.

As the name suggests, there’s a lot more room available in the Prius+, including an impressive 784 litres of boot size when the rearmost seats have been folded down. The main draw for the car is, of course, its hybrid technology. Running costs are impressively low and Toyota claims it’ll do around 70mpg, but the hybrid system does come at a price – it’s not as well priced as its rivals on this list.

Check out the savings using our Toyota Prius+ deals page.

9. Peugeot Partner Tepee

The Peugeot Partner Tepee is one of the most popular low-cost MPVs on sale today and it’s obvious why that’s the case. The boxy, van-like shape of the car provides a huge amount of space and there’s the unexpected bonus of it actually being decent to drive too.

The Partner Tepee may not be the most exciting looking car in its sector but for comfort, value for money and passenger room for up to seven people, it’s a good and family-friendly substitute to the more common compact seven seaters.

Check out the savings using our Peugeot Partner Tepee deals page.

10. Fiat 500L MPW

The Fiat 500L MPW’s quirky looks and Italian charm won’t be for everyone but the seven seater offers a big boot, a spacious, well put together cabin and extra practicality at a very affordable price.

The turbocharged petrol and diesel engines provide decent performance and fuel economy, while the good-looking interior includes plenty of standard equipment and space for five. A third row of seats is an optional extra and they are on the small side – probably best reserved for children.

Check out the savings using our Fiat 500L MPW deals page.

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