Skoda Octavia dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes

The Skoda Octavia is a practical, versatile vehicle, which means all manner of customers will use it – from families to small business owners and everyone in between. The availability of an Octavia estate version further extends its remit.

It’s one of the largest cars in its class too, competing on price, if not size, with cars like the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. That means you get a lot for your money, but the Octavia’s size may be a problem for some customers, so we’ve compiled this dimensions guide to take the guesswork out of choosing an Octavia that suits you.

Exterior dimensions

The Octavia is quite a large car compared to others in the five door family hatchback segment, so it doesn’t hurt to make sure that it fits into whatever space you have planned for it. You may find it’s quite a bit longer, and therefore more difficult to park, than the car you’re replacing.

Hatchback (vRS, where different)

Length – 4,659mm (4,685mm)
Width – 1,814mm
Wheel base – 2,686mm (2,680mm)
Front track – 1,549mm (1,535mm)
Rear track – 1,570mm (1,506mm)

Estate (vRS, where different)

Length – 4,659mm (4,685mm)
Width – 1,814mm
Wheel base – 2,686mm (2,680mm)
Front track – 1,543mm (1,535mm)
Track rear – 1,514mm (1,506mm)

Interior dimensions

Today’s modern family vehicles have to be as versatile as they are practical, which is why it’s important to know that there is enough room for all the gear you have to lug around as well as your passengers. It’s worth noting that the Octavia’s boot is 20 litres smaller when you specify a spare wheel.

Width in front seats – 1,454mm
Width in rear seats – 1,449mm
Headroom in front seats – 983mm (1,031mm vRS)
Headroom in rear seats – 980mm (995mm estate)
Boot with rear seat upright – 590 litres (610 litres estate)
Boot with rear seat down – 1,580 (1,740 litres estate)

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

Despite the Octavia’s size next to other vehicles in the class, it still manages to turn around in about the same space.

Turning circle – 11m
Fuel tank – 50 litres (55 litres in 4×4 models)


Despite its size, the Octavia has managed to shed a few kilos over its predecessor. You might not think that affects you day to day, but it means improvements in everything from handling to fuel economy. Still, some models are heavier than others.

Kerb weight (hatchback range) – 1,155kg (1.2 TSI) to 1,415kg (2.0 TDI CR 184PS DSG)
Kerb weight (estate range) – 1,172kg (1.2 TSI) to 1,407kg (2.0 TDI CR 184PS DSG)

Further information

If you want to read more about the Octavia and its options then check out our full Skoda Octavia review section, which includes photos, videos, stats, and a full buying guide.

Skoda Octavia

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