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Skoda Superb colours guide and prices

The Skoda Superb is practical, roomy and quite possibly the perfect large family car. This latest version adds style and efficiency to what has traditionally been quite a utilitarian car.

To make the most of the Superb’s new-found sense of style, you’ll want to pick the right colour – doing so will make a big difference in terms of ease of cleaning and the amount you’ll get for the car when you come to sell it on.

The Superb comes in five trim levels, as an estate or hatchback, with one solid, two special and 10 metallic or pearl effect shades available for all models. Here we’ve rounded them all up with a photo of each shade, and the price it’ll add to the list Superb’s list price.

Don’t forget we also have a car paints guide clarifying the differences between solid, pearl and metallic shades.

Solid colours

Pacific Blue – £0

Pacific Blue is a darker shade than the Petrol Blue Metallic shown below. This hue will mean dirt and dust don’t show up so quickly, which may matter if you cover lots of miles. Equally, blue is a popular shade with buyers of used vehicles, so selling on shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the only free colour available for the Superb.

Special colours

Corrida Red – £175

Corrida Red is probably the most vibrant colour in the Skoda Superb palette, and your car will certainly stand out in this shade. It will get grubby more quickly than darker hues, but should hide grime for longer than white. While some used car buyers prefer to give red a swerve, that’s unlikely to affect resale value.

Candy White – £175

Inevitably, Candy White is going to be the hardest shade in the range to keep spotless. But at its best, a dazzling white will look superb. What’s more, it’s currently a pretty fashionable shade so selling on your white Skoda Superb should be a doddle. It looks far more like a traditional bright white than the configurator image above.

Metallic and pearl effect colours

Petrol Blue Metallic – £535

Like the Corrida Red, Petrol Blue Metallic a vibrant shade that will set you apart in the morning traffic jam. And while you may find car wash trips are pretty frequent, blue is a favourite colour just now, meaning selling on is unlikely to be an issue.

Magnetic Brown Metallic – £535

As a dark colour, Magnetic Brown Metallic is going to mean less time with the sponge and soapy water. It’s also a pretty sober and smart-looking shade and one of those colours that’s making something of a comeback at the moment, so we’re not envisaging any delays when selling on.

Black Magic Pearl Effect – £535

Sleek and elegant, this is the go-to shade for a super-dark and sober vehicle. Dirt will be camouflaged for ages, and the pearlescent sheen of the paint adds to the smartness. When it comes to parting with your Skoda Superb, you could find yourself fighting off the buyers – it’s a popular choice.

Business Grey Metallic – £535

Ideal for corporate travellers who want something stylish yet still relatively restrained, Business Grey Metallic is likely to be one of the easiest shades to sell on. Dirt is hidden more easily than on a white model, but you’ll still need to be prepared for fairly regular cleaning sessions.

Moon White Metallic – £535

Another fairly understated shade that business drivers may favour, Moon White Metallic will need a bit of effort to keep grime at bay, especially if you’re eating up the miles. But it’s unlikely to put off too many buyers when it comes to selling on.

Cappuccino Beige Metallic – £535

Essentially silvery with lightly coffee-coloured undertones, the smart Cappuccino Beige Metallic is likely to be extremely popular with the used vehicle market. As you’d expect, it hides dirt better than whiter shades but not as well as deeper shades of brown.

Brilliant Silver Metallic – £535

Set to be a best-selling colour for the Skoda Superb range, Brilliant Silver Metallic will be particularly easy when it comes to selling on your vehicle. As with all grey and silver shades, dirt is hidden for longer than on white models but grubbiness can set in pretty quickly.

Quartz Grey Metallic – £535

Much darker than the other greys and silvers in the palette, Quartz Grey Metallic should go for longer between car washes. Again, it’s fairly restrained, smart and businesslike, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when it’s time to resell.

Jungle Green Metallic – £535

Offering something a little bit different, Jungle Green Metallic nonetheless manages to stay smart and sensible, and should be able to go for ages between washes. This colour may not be everyone’s favourite, but reselling shouldn’t be too impossibly difficult.

Rosso Brunello Metallic – £535

The brightest of the metallic range without being overly vibrant or what most would call garish, Rosso Brunello Metallic will keep grime under wraps for longer than its lighter counterparts. And while it may take a little longer to sell than monochrome models, getting someone to take it off your hands shouldn’t prove too arduous.

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