The 10 best 7-seater 4×4 off-roaders on sale in 2017

Large SUVs make perfect family cars for many buyers. We’ve rounded up the 10 best 4x4s currently available offering a great blend of luxury, seven-seat practicality and the ability to drive on even the toughest terrain.

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1. Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a spacious seven-seat family car with a plush interior and impressive off-road abilities. It features the legendary Audi quattro all-wheel-drive system so there’s always plenty of grip to play with when tackling steep hills or slippery road conditions.

It’s powered by a selection of Audi’s potent diesel engines that range from a spritely 268hp 3.0-litre model to a more efficient version capable of returning 52.3mpg. The Q7’s large size means there’s a vast amount of space inside – not only can it seat seven but, with the rearmost seats folded, it can swallow a huge 770 litres of luggage.

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2. Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is undoubtedly one of the best all-rounders in the 4×4 market. It features a luxurious, spacious and well-equipped cabin that, unlike some rivals, can seat seven adults. As an added bonus, it boasts a decent 451-litre boot, even with all seven seats in place.

The XC90 isn’t the most extreme off-roader on sale but it’ll cross the odd muddy field with ease. For the cost-conscious buyer, there’s a good range of efficient Volvo diesel engines and a plug-in hybrid available, too.

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3. Kia Sorento

Not only can the Kia Sorento seat seven, but this Korean SUV features a surprisingly luxurious cabin that comes packed full of equipment as standard. The third row of seats does, however, slightly lag behind the competition in terms of head and legroom.

Thanks to a smart four-wheel-drive system and Kia’s punchy 2.2-litre diesel engine, the Sorento is a good off-road machine, too. Low running costs and an industry-leading seven-year warranty also help make the Kia a compelling option.

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4. Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Land Rover Discovery Sport mixes excellent 4×4 capabilities with the plush touches and luxurious interior of a premium saloon car. It’s the smallest Land Rover to come with seven seats and, as a result, the third row is only really suitable for children.

It’s not quite as capable off-road as its larger Land Rover Discovery sibling but it comes with the same terrain response system to help you handle tricky terrain with relative ease. A good range of powerful engines and enjoyable handling make it a great family car, too.

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5. Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe might be one of the most affordable 4x4s on this list but it still boasts an attractive cabin and a smartly styled body. Fold away the optional third row of seats and its spacious boot can easily carry 585 litres of luggage.

The Santa Fe shares its engines and four-wheel-drive system with the Sorento making it a seven-seater that’s more than happy being chucked around muddy fields or dirt tracks. It’s also offered with an excellent five-year warranty.

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6. Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is another 4×4 that merges style with substance – it features a vast, practical cabin, luxurious materials and a whole host of off-road systems as standard. Land Rover’s air suspension and terrain response system combine to help it ride well both on and off-road.

The all-important third row of seats is, however, an optional extra. Adults or tall teenagers may struggle to get comfortable in the back due to the limited headroom but the space offered by the front two rows is ample.

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7. BMW X5

Unlike the smaller 2 Series Gran Tourer, the BMW X5 combines seven seats with decent off-road ability and an imposing road presence. A third row of seats isn’t offered as standard, however.

Unfortunately, the X5’s rearmost seats aren’t as spacious as other cars on our list but kids should find them comfortable enough. The X5 does, however, handle with typical BMW precision on the road and it’s reasonably at home in the mud, too. Hill-descent control is fitted as standard and its high-riding stance gives it good ground clearance.

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8. Mercedes GLS

The Mercedes GLS is a marked improvement over the old GL in terms of interior quality, styling and efficiency. It does, however, retain its predecessor’s rugged off-road ability and the GLS has a spacious interior with room for seven adults.

Its long overhangs and vast size mean the GLS isn’t the most nimble off-road but it comes with a host of clever systems and equipment to help it contend with the odd excursion. All this kit does, however, comes at a cost – even entry-level GLS models will set you back almost £70,000.

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9. Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is an icon among seven-seater4x4s has become hugely popular thanks to its practical cabin and extremely capable chassis. It’s perfect for growing families, countryside living and the occasional spot of towing.

The Discovery can’t quite match other rivals on our list in terms of on-road handling and interior quality but its cabin is airy and can easily seat seven people with more than enough room for shopping or muddy shoes in its 251-litre boot.

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10. Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is the bigger brother to the hugely popular Qashqai but crucially gets the option of a third row of seats. It’s not the roomiest seven-seater on this list but, with such low running costs and an attractive price, the X-Trail is a good value option for those on the hunt for a spacious 4×4.

Four-wheel drive is a £2,000 option for the X-Trail so it’s worth having if you live in the countryside or like taking your car off-road. This capable off-roader offers a smart exterior design and a well-built interior that help it sneak into 10th place on our list.

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Audi Q7

Beautifully made large 4x4 can seat seven people
£51,425 - £79,285
Read review Compare offers

Volvo XC90

Large family SUV with a stylish cabin and seven seats
£50,435 - £71,370
Read review Compare offers

Kia Sorento

Spacious seven-seat SUV is practical and comfortable
£29,310 - £42,325
Read review Compare offers
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