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The 10 cheapest hybrid cars

We all know modern hybrids burn less fuel and emit less CO2 than ever before, but you might not know that many can be had for surprisingly little if you know where to look. To simplify what could be a baffling array of choices, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 cheapest on sale in the UK right now.

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10 – Volkswagen Golf GTE – £33,755

An entry level Volkswagen Golf will set you back less than £18,000, but the GTE hybrid version is a more wallet-aching £33,755. What you get for your money, however, is a well specced car, including a DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and a 6.5-inch touchscreen as standard.

Reviewers have commented on its similarities to a regular Golf on the road, no mean feat considering the addition of a hybrid system with an all electric range of 31 miles. It offers the the opportunity to run in fully electric mode but, push the ‘GTE’ button, and you’ll be accompanied on your journey by a confident performance boost.

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9 – Citroen DS5 Hybrid – £32,470

One of the larger cars to feature in this list, the Citroen DS5 hybrid offers the discerning and environmentally conscious motorist touches of luxury in an intriguing and visually engaging package.

The first production car to make use of a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, this large and comfortable mile-eater offers up a tempting combination of 74mpg and 99g/km of CO2 meaning road tax is free.

Importantly the underpinnings of this stylish saloon are the same as the Peugeot 3008 below, so choosing between them depends on exactly what you expect from your car. If purchase price is more of a concern and you prioritise practicality over equipment levels, then keep reading, if not and this car sounds for you, get a great deal on a new Citroen DS 5 using our car configurator.

8 – BMW i3 – £30,980

The BMW i3 is available as a pure electric vehicle or with a small two-cylinder petrol engine working to charge the batteries on the move and extend the range. Fully emptying the tiny nine-litre fuel tank will add a significant 100 miles to your journey, improving the everyday usability of the i3.

The best feature is that the inclusion of this motorcycle-based engine hasn’t affected the interior volume or boot space of the BMW and it retains all the practical and futuristic attributes of its all-electric cousin.

7 – Peugeot 3008 – £26,995

A member of the increasingly popular MPV/SUV class, the Peugeot 3008 faces stiff competition from the likes of Kia, Nissan and Volkswagen. Unfortunately whilst the body roll and grip are improvements over earlier models, the Peugeot has been criticised for a lack of feedback from the steering and brakes.

The Peugeot shares very similar fuel economy and emissions figures with the Citroen DS5 as you would expect from the same basic chassis and engine combination (74mpg and 99g/km) but where the 3008 draws ahead is in usability.

Its 520 litre capacity boot is more than competitors of the same size can muster and equipment levels from standard are good with all models coming with air conditioning, satellite navigation and even a head-up display.

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6 – Toyota Prius+ – £26,195

Building on the success of its smaller sibling, the seven seater Toyota Prius+ offers the same hybrid advantages with class leading low running costs. A large boot with the rear seats in place becomes a cavernous 1,750-litre load bay of with them folded down making the Prius+ a hugely practical, versatile and economical family hauler.

Fully fill the available space however and expect the fuel economy of 68.9mpg along with noise levels and comfort to take a severe hit.

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5 – Ford Mondeo Hybrid – £25,295

The Ford Mondeo has become a firm favourite of business fleets the world over but the inclusion of a hybrid model in the lineup makes this tried and tested saloon an interesting and affordable proposition.

Fuel economy is the lowest so far on this list but 67.3mpg is not to be sniffed at, and crucially emissions of 99g/km of CO2 ensure road tax won’t cost you a penny.

A more affordable option than the larger Peugeot and Citroen, the Ford has been praised for good ride quality for its price although the CVT gearbox and greater weight mean the hybrid model feels noisier and more compromised than others in this lineup.

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4 – Lexus CT200h – £23,786

As its first compact premium car, the Lexus CT200h had a difficult hill to climb in order to stand out. The uniquely styled exterior is surprisingly aerodynamic and disguises a roomy interior with a very premium feel.  High quality plastics and leather dominate a very well finished cabin and although equipment such as a digital radio and satellite navigation are extras, the Lexus represents good value for money.

The hybrid system can power the Lexus to 60mph from rest in 10.3 seconds and although potent enough to overtake with relative ease on motorways, some critics noted that the performance relies heavily on the battery pack being fully charged.

98.4g/km of CO2 emissions means road tax is free and good fuel economy (68.9mpg) mean this Lexus should be cheap to run. Put the Lexus CT in our car configurator to see the deals on offer.

3 – Toyota Prius – £21,995

As common a sight on many city streets as a bus or taxi, there is no doubting the popularity of the Toyota Prius. A single 1.8-litre engine is offered which combined with a proven hybrid system returns 72 mpg and emits just 89g of CO2 per kilometre.

By no means a sporty vehicle, the Prius has to make do with a simple CVT gearbox which although noisy at times is smooth and compliments the good ride quality.

A safe car, the Toyota features seven airbags, a raft of electronic driver assists and even active headrests so scored an admirable five star Euro NCAP rating.

If it sounds like the perfect car for you check it out using our Toyota Prius configurator.

2 – Toyota Auris Hybrid – £20,535

Sometimes criticised for its mediocrity, the Toyota Auris is a jack of all trades in the face of fierce competition from Hyundai, Kia, VW and Ford. Interior volume and boot space are adequate but unfortunately the CVT ‘box fitted to the hybrid is an uninspiring and noisy unit.

In addition to the impressive fuel economy and emissions figures to be expected from hybrids (79mpg and 89g of CO2 per kilometre) the Auris comes well equipped with climate control, LED running lights, stability control and seven airbags as standard.

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1 – Toyota Yaris Hybrid – £14,995

For the pocket money price of  under 15 thousand pounds you could have the Toyota Yaris Hybrid. A class leading emission of 79g/km of CO2 is great but few modern hybrids emit enough to qualify for road tax so a 20g improvement will likely make little real-world difference.

The Yaris offers good fuel economy, upwards of 70mpg and for short distances can run exclusively in electric mode but push on too hard and the gearbox will start to protest and the cabin will become a less refined and noisier place to be.

If the Toyota Yaris Hybrid has your motor running, see the latest deals on our Toyota Yaris Hybrid deals page.

What next?

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