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2015 Skoda Fabia colour guide and prices

There’s no denying it – the 2015 Skoda Fabia is a markedly more attractive supermini than its slightly blobby predecessor.

It’s still a more functional design than an emotional one, but its newfound angles and edges mean Skoda’s surprisingly bold colour palette will give it a far younger and more exciting look than we’re used to.

To aim the Fabia at a more youthful audience Skoda has include a ‘colour concept’ option, which essentially gives you the choice of adding a contrasting coloured roof, door mirror caps and – depending on the main car colour – black or white wheels.

Ticking the alloy wheel options will add £150 to the cost of the colour, meaning that some of the ‘free’ colours will set you back a small sum if you want the contrasting roof and matching wheels.

Let’s see how each colour looks and how much each shade will add to the list price of the car.

Solid colours

Candy white (£0)

One of two no-cost solid colours available on the Fabia. This is your common-or-garden white that looks great when it’s spotless and under the bright lights of a petrol station forecourt. It’s available with a black roof with a set of black alloys to complete the killer-whale look. It’s definitely white in real life – Skoda’s configurator shows it as a slightly dusty light grey.

Pacific blue (£0)

A pleasant-if-unexciting shade that’ll help the new Fabia’s shape blend in with every other Volkswagen-group supermini in the shopping centre car park. It won’t be tarnished once it’s covered in road grime, and when combined with an optional white or silver roof can look quite handsome – if a bit sensible.

Corrida red (£175)

Now this is a bit more like it. Bright red was always a popular colour for buyers of Skoda’s Octavia vRS hot hatch, so Corrida red suits the Fabia’s small proportions well. One of the more youthful-looking colours, it’s available with a black roof and black wheels (a popular choice on the previous-generation Fabia Monte Carlo editions), or with a white roof and silver wheels for more of a Victoria sponge cake look.

Metallic colours

The difference between the solid paints above and metallic options is the inclusion of small metal flakes that lend the paint a sense of depth. Stick them under bright lights next to a car painted a solid colour and you’ll notice the difference. They’re also a bit better at hiding scratches and swirls than solid colours.

Moon white (£535)

Metallic white paints are one of the most popular colours in the UK for a reason. As long as you keep them clean they shimmer and drip with a liquid look that most find incredibly attractive. Let them be hidden by muck and you lose the effect, but you certainly won’t have trouble selling a white car once you’re finished with it. Available with a black roof, wheels and mirror caps.

Cappuccino beige (£535)

We’re fairly sure Skoda once considered dropping ‘beige’ from this colour’s name, but it’s still a popular colour, for some reason. Closer in real life to the colour of a hearing aid than the grey shown on Skoda’s online configurator, it excels at hiding dirt and does look decent when you’re filling up at the petrol station. We think it looks rather more dapper with a black roof and black wheels.

Topaz brown (£535)

One of the richer colours available, this brown is a really rich hue that reflects light in a particularly pleasing way – although it’s nowhere near as purple as Skoda’s configurator image. Brown seems to be in and out of fashion more often than animal-prints, but pair this shade with a black roof and wheels and the Fabia adopts a far meaner look than perhaps Skoda intended.

Rio red (£535)

Rio red is a slightly more muted and ‘grown up’ looking red than the brighter Corrida. It’ll have a nice metallic shine in sunlight, and should’t be too tricky to sell on. We think it doesn’t look the part on the Fabia unless you add a silver roof.

Brilliant silver (£535)

Chances are you love or simply tolerate silver, but we think it makes the Fabia look like a smart, upmarket motor. You could argue that the strong resale values it’ll ensure will stop you standing out from the inevitable fleets of silver Fabia hire cars, but we wouldn’t let that put you off a mud-hiding all-round good shade. Match with black wheels, mirror caps and roof (for an extra £150) and it looks – dare we say it – sporty!

Race blue (£535)

We’ll admit it, we’re biased. We love race-blue Skodas. Ever since it became the most popular colour for its sporty vRS models of old, it’s added a welcome splash of brightness on the UK’s roads. The new Fabia might not be getting a vRS version, but you can always pretend by ticking the race blue box and adding a white roof and rally-look matching wheels. Needless to say, we think race blue looks ace on the 2015 Fabia.

Sprint yellow (£535)

Another bold colour that makes us wish Skoda would reconsider doing a sportier version of the Fabia. It’s bright enough to attract hordes of insects in summer, and you certainly won’t ever lose track of your Fabia when you come back to a giant car park. It looks a little odd with the optional white wheels and roof combo, and if you go for black items it’s a bit waspish, but that might be just what you want when you’re buzzing about city centres…

Metal grey (£535)

You’re likely to look at metal grey in one of two ways: a smart, understated colour that suits the Fabia’s slightly sober shape, or as an imitation of an overcast British winter morning. You won’t struggle to keep it looking clean though, even if you don’t wash your car very often, and it’ll keep its value well. We quite like it with black wheels and a black roof.

Denim blue (£535)

One of Skoda’s newer colours (first used on the Rapid), denim blue is a light blue with a hint of silver which is bright, modern and suits the new Skoda-family face well. The Fabia’s bold bonnet creases show off denim blue’s metallic flakes, and it’s even quite a looker when paired with a dark roof colour.

Rallye green (£535)

Hands-down the most lurid colour you can order the 2015 Fabia in. It used to be the staple of the old Fabia vRS, but with the lack of a sporty model in the line-up, it’s open for all. The images on Skoda’s configurator page don’t do the colour justice – it’s a truly searing shade of green, and with white roof and wheels looks like a rally star. Just don’t let on that you’re only packing a 1.2-litre diesel!

Pearlescent colour

Unlike metallic paints, pearlescent paints contain flakes of metal coated with a substance that reflects different colours of light depending on your viewing angle, rather than just appearing shimmery. There’s only one on the 2015 Fabia and it’s not the most eye-catching shade.

Black magic (£535)

Keep this one clean and you’ll be glad for all the elbow grease you used getting all the road grime off. It’ll look smart under bright lights and lends the higher-spec Fabia models a bit of Audi-level class; it sets off the chrome surround on the front grille nicely. Add the silver roof and door mirror covers and you’ve got a rather interesting looking Fabia!

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