Jaguar C-X16 Hybrid - Barely a concept car

Jaguar have just released their hugely hyped C-X16 production concept. Take a look at the photos and video and see what we make of it.
Its a hybrid powered rear-wheel drive coupe that most expect to go on sale as a production car within a year, likely for around 60,000.
C-X16 grey
Under the bonnet is a supercharged 3.0 V6 producing 380PS, with a hybrid system that gives 70kW of power. Theres a Push to pass button on the steering wheel, which gives an extra boost of power from the hybrid system. Which. were not going to lie, is a very cool sounding feature!
C-X16 rear
Batteries for the hybrid system are charged through brake energy regeneration. The hybrid system allows the C-X16 to travel at up to 50mph on electric power alone.
C-X16 Jaguar interior
0-62 for this concept is a claimed 4.4 second, with a top speed of 186mph. Its a pretty compact car too, its the shortest car that Jaguar have made since 1954.
C-X16 boot


Its pretty obvious that the C-X16 is very close to production ready. Wed expect to lose the side-opening boot and the big wheels will likely shrink, but other than that its likely to stay true to this concept. The interior looks like that from a production car and theres none of the silly features like wafer thin wing-mirrors than concept cars often have.
Were very excited to see how the C-X16 turns out. Jaguar are consistently making outstanding cars at the moment, you can see the proof here, and we see no reason why this shouldnt be a huge success.