Kia XCeed infotainment revealed

Russell Campbell
June 12, 2019

The Kia XCeed will be the first Kia to be fitted with a digital instrument binnacle. Read on for all the info.

The new Kia XCeed SUV will be fitted with a 12.3-inch digital instrument binnacle – like what Audi has been offering for the past five years – making it the first Kia to get such a system.

According to Kia, the new 12.3-inch Supervision instrument cluster is designed to deliver information as clearly as possible, with a high 1920×720-pixel resolution and a fast frame-rate.

Just like in an Audi, the Supervision cluster’s appearance changes depending on what driving mode you’re in. In Sport, for example, you get a prominent speedometer and rev counter, while non-essential information is hidden away.

In Normal, the display provides live fuel-efficiency gauges and traditional dials for vehicle and engine speeds, as well as additional trip information.

Like the large screens you’ll find in an Audi, you can flick between functions, so between the digital dials you can choose to see turn-by-turn navigation directions, or info on phone calls, music, fuel economy, range and safety features.

You also get an animation of the XCeed every time you switch off the engine, showing you how long you were driving for, how far you travelled, your average fuel economy and your estimated range on the remaining fuel you have.

To see all this for yourself, you’ll have to hold tight for the full reveal of the Kia XCeed, which is set for 26 June.

Coined a ‘CUV’ by Kia (or Crossover Utility Vehicle) the XCeed looks more like a family car on raised suspension than a true SUV. That should mean it can handle corners without listing like a cruiser that’s taking on water and make it cheap to run. Expect the XCeed to have space for four and a boot that can handle a week’s family holiday.

Bookmark this page to read the XCeed’s full reveal in July.