Could the new Land Rover Defender look like this?

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Land Rover will soon launch a replacement for the iconic Defender. Our exclusive pictures show how it could look in a variety of new roles

The new Land Rover Defender will soon make its official debut. Its replacement has the tricky job of both upholding the legacy of the iconic original and interpreting its somewhat ancient design for modern car buyers. We’ve put our heads together to bring you our best guess of what the new version will look like.

Land Rover released the DC100 concept in 2011 which is expected to closely mirror the styling of the upcoming new model. The only noticeable change we’re expecting to see is a move from the DC100’s circular LED daytime running lights to the more squared ones seen on the facelifted Range Rover Evoque.

The old model was used in a wide variety of roles ranging from the Coastguard to the farmyard, and from the military to the fashionable streets of Chelsea. If it’s to be successful, the new model will have to work in these broad roles so we’ve mocked it up in a range of surroundings to see how it fits. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments below.

Land Rover Defender – riot control

The Defender’s big, brash looks have just the right amount of authority to stop errant protesters in their tracks. Our render is emblazoned with the police’s fluorescent battenberg to make its presence felt but, should that fail, the requisite flashing blue lights, spotlights and siren will do the trick.

Bulletproof panels and windows will protect the occupants along with bulky grilles to protect the windscreen and headlights. Heavy duty tyres sit among thick skirts to stop any wayward rioters from attacking the car’s delicate undersides. A beefed-up engine cooling system allows the engine to idle for lengthy periods to power the car’s equipment while maintaining order.

Land Rover Defender – Queen Elizabeth II edition

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is known to be a fan of driving and has occasionally been spotted driving the old Defender. Land Rover will unquestionably offer the Queen a new model when it comes out – possibly like this one. Our version is based on the longer 110 wheelbase model in ‘crew cab’ form, allowing space for the occasional rear seat passenger but plenty of room for her corgis in the fabric-covered boot.

Despite her status, the Queen doesn’t need trinkets like big alloy wheels, instead opting for dependable white steel ones. The paint job is a traditional Land Rover blue with a white roof but it really comes into its own once a generous layer of mud is applied. A winch helps ensure she won’t become stuck while a small spotlight will help track down pesky corgis on long, dark winter nights.

Land Rover Defender – SAS ‘Pink Panther’

Believe it or not, Mountbatten pink is a popular colour for military vehicles thanks to its ability to blend in well with the desert. The division that became known as the SAS used Defenders in this colour in the desert theatre – affectionately called ‘Pink Panthers’. Our version takes that concept and applies it to the new version.

Much of the bodywork is removed to lighten the Defender – helping it get over tricky terrain and allowing troops to quickly jump in and out. A roll cage provides rollover protection and a point on which to mount a heavy machine gun, ammo bags and sand ladders. You’ll also find a forward-facing General Purpose Machine Gun, front-mounted spare tyre, extra fuel cans, sand bags and shovels to make sure the only thing that stops it is the commander’s orders.

Land Rover Defender – Twisted edition

Twisted is a British company that takes Defenders and enhances them with menacing good looks and luxurious extras. Matt-black paint immediately gives the Twisted car presence, emphasised by the gaping mesh front grille, black diamond-plate bonnet trim and huge, chunky black alloy wheels. Those wheels get grippy on-road biased tyres giving it more grip through corners at the expense of a little off-road ability.

Jump seats in the rear are protected by a huge rollover hoop, and mean you can bring along extra friends in the summer and side steps ensure entry is as easy as possible. Under the bonnet lies the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 from the Range Rover Sport breathing in through a snorkel should the local area become flooded, and breathing out through slash-cut twin side exhausts to guarantee aural drama.

Land Rover Defender – Camel Trophy

Of course, a true Land Rover has to be unstoppable off-road and, until recently, the Camel Trophy – an extreme off-road contest – was the ultimate test of a Land Rover’s mettle. To face this arduous challenge, our Camel Trophy Defender gets a powerful winch to haul itself out of ditches, tough bull bars to bash obstacles out of the way and extra spotlights to illuminate the path ahead.

Beefy suspension allows extreme articulation over boulders while grippy off-road tyres scrabble at soft surfaces. Mounted atop the Defender is a rack holding a canoe for aquatic exploring and extra parts and supplies for the lengthy spells away from civilisation. A snorkel increases its wading depth significantly compared to the regular model and a spare tyre is bolted to the bonnet. If you need to tackle some seriously difficult terrain, this is the only car for the job.

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