New BMW X2 and iX2 revealed: everything you need to know

October 11, 2023 by

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This is the all-new BMW X2, and it’s returning in a slightly different form to the car it replaces. It’s now a swoopy coupe-SUV, and it’s available as a pure EV for the first time. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New BMW X2 and iX2 revealed
  • New baby coupe-SUV
  • Shares parts with the X1
  • Sporty X2 M35i also offered
  • iX2 gets 266 miles of range
  • Both cars on sale now

The covers have been pulled off the new BMW X2, and it’s available as a pure-electric iX2 for the first time as well. It’s a new entry-level coupe-SUV, a bit like “Honey, I shrunk the X4”.

The iX2 uses the same 313hp dual-motor setup as the iX1, while the petrol-powered X2 is available with a couple of 2.0-litre engines. First deliveries of these cars are expected in March 2024.

New BMW X2 and iX2 design

The new BMW X2 may not be quite what you were expecting. Unlike the outgoing car, this new one is a swoopy coupe-SUV, a bit like an X4 mini.

You may have already had an inkling that this would be the case from spy shots of the car during development testing, however what we weren’t expecting was for it to look so radically different to the X1 which it shares its parts with.

The most obvious example of this would be the front grille. The double kidneys on the X1 have a square shape to them, however the ones fitted to the new X2 and iX2 are more hexagonal, like on the much larger BMW X6.

There are a couple of visual changes to note between the X2 and the electric iX2. The first is once again grille related, with the iX2’s being blanked-off with a diamond pattern on it. Seeing as there’s no engine under the bonnet to cool, it makes sense to smooth this over for better aerodynamics.

The sensor for the driver assistance systems is also better hidden on the iX2 thanks to the silver surrounds on the grille. Beyond this though, the two cars look almost exactly the same, ideal if you want an EV but don’t want to shout about it.

Down the side is where you see the most obvious change over the outgoing X2, with that coupe-esque roofline lending it a sporty appearance which will attract those who like the X1 but want something a bit sleeker.

All X2 models come with the M Sport pack as standard, meaning you get some sporty bumpers, flared wheel arches and 19-inch alloy wheels. The range-topping M35i also gets quad tailpipes and 20-inch alloys.

Looking at the rear of the car, the sporty theme continues with a boot lip spoiler and an aggressive-looking diffuser lower down. The rear lights also have a cool double-kink look to them, although there’s no full-width light bar here like you get on the Lexus UX.

New BMW X2 engines and chassis

There are two petrol engines available for the new BMW X2 from launch, starting with the 1.5-litre three cylinder. It has 170hp and front-wheel-drive, and it’ll do 0-60mph in 8.3 seconds.

Those who want the performance to match the X2’s sporty looks are likely to be tempted by the M35i model. It uses the same 2.0-litre engine as the X1 M35i, and it produces the same 300hp and 400Nm of torque. As a result, it’ll do 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds, exactly the same as the X1 and slightly quicker than the fastest Audi Q3 Sportback.

To help maintain BMW’s reputation for building some of the best driver’s cars out there, plenty of work has been done under the skin to help the X2 handle as well as possible. All cars come with M Sport adaptive suspension as standard, helping keep body lean in check while also making sure the X2 is still a comfy cruiser.

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The slightly more hardcore M35i version gets additional handling goodies, including stiffened anti-roll bars and additional bracing to help the car feel more agile and planted. M-specific brakes can also be added with high-performance pads.

New BMW iX2 motors and performance

Surprisingly, the M35i isn’t the most powerful X2 you’ll be able to buy. That honour goes to the all-electric iX2.

It uses the same dual-motor setup as the BMW iX1, and this means it puts out 313hp and 494Nm of torque. That’s 14hp more than you get in the Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback, and it’s 21hp more than the Mercedes EQA.

Despite this increase in power over the M35i, the iX1 is actually slightly slower from 0-60mph, completing the sprint in 5.6 seconds. This is likely due to the added weight of the batteries and electrical system.

New BMW iX2 batteries and range

Speaking of batteries, the BMW iX2 uses the same 65kWh pack as its more boxy stablemate. As a result, it has up to 266 miles of range, exactly the same as M Sport versions of the iX1.

Lesser versions of the iX1 can manage up to 270 miles on a charge most likely due to the slightly smaller alloy wheels available on that car. The new iX2 also falls short of the Mercedes EQA in terms of range, with lower-powered versions of that car getting as much as 324 miles. Even the more comparable model with 292hp ekes out an extra couple of miles over the BMW.

In terms of charging, if you can find a DC fast charger capable of 130kW then you’ll be able to top ip from 10-80% in 29 minutes. As for at-home AC charging, all models get an 11kW capability as standard which can charge from 0-100% in six and a half hours. You can also upgrade to 22kW AC charging for an additional cost, slashing that time down to three hours and 45 minutes.

New BMW X2 and iX2 interior and infotainment

Those who are familiar with the BMW X1 will get a sense of deja vu when they step into the new X2, because the cabins are virtually identical. This means you get a huge curved screen comprising a 10.25-inch digital driver’s display and a 10.7-inch infotainment system.

These screens are running the latest version of BMW’s iDrive operating system, meaning it should be pretty easy to use with configurable icons like you get on your smartphone. You can also stream videos when you’re stationary or download games, which should help keep you entertained while you’re waiting to charge.

As for the rest of the cabin, there’s not much to separate it from the X1. This isn’t a bad thing though, because that car is well-made and feels luxurious. The M35i model does get some sporty bucket seats as well.

New BMW X2 and iX2 price and release date

The new BMW X2 and iX2 are both available to order now, with deliveries expected to start in March next year.

The entry-level petrol version will cost you £39,365. That’s almost £5,000 more than a standard BMW X1, however the X2 range kicks off at M Sport. If you compare it to an X1 M Sport with the same engine, the price hike is just over £600.

As for the all-electric iX2, it starts from £56,540, meaning you’re paying a £3,800 premium for that swoopy bodywork when you compare it to a similar iX1.

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