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The Make-or-Break Cars of 2013

If you ask us, 2012’s been a pretty good year for new cars. Mind-blowing supercars such as the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the McLaren 12C Spider have stolen quite a few headlines this year, whilst more mainstream marvels like the all-new Volkswagen GolfDacia Duster, BMW 6 Series Gran Cabrio and the opulent Range Rover have pinched the rest.

On that basis, 2013 has some pretty big boots to fill. Thankfully, the world’s auto makers are set to have plenty of amazing cars to show off next year.
Below, though, are the ones we reckon will be the highlights of the year. And what better to kick the list off with than what will undoubtedly be one of the most desirable?

Maserati Quattroporte

As the immortal saying goes, “the best things come to those who wait”, and us here at carwow are hoping that phrase will apply to next year’s Maserati Quattroporte. After all, the current car’s been on sale since 2004, and it’s screaming for a worthy successor for quite some time now.
Details of the  are pretty scarce at the moment, but from the snippets of info we do have – for instance, we’re told hardly anything has been carried over from the old QP – suggest that next year’s all-new version will be a noticeable step forward.
Of course, this is just speculation at the moment – we won’t know for certain until it’s compared with its competitors sometime next year. That said, we doubt it’ll be a bad car and, even if it’s not quite as good as those fast BMW and Mercedes saloons, it won’t stop us lusting after one!

Dacia Sandero

Whilst it’s at the opposite end of the spectrum to the luxury Italian super saloon, the Dacia Sandero is still a car we reckon will be a highlight of the New Year. And all because it has the potential to really shake up the new car market.
The reason why it could cause such a stir? When it’s officially released in December (yes, it won’t be launched in 2013, but customers won’t get them until next year, so it counts in our books!) Renault’s Romanian budget brand will be marketing it for a whisker less than £6,000.
Okay, so that’s for the most basic version, but even a Sandero with all the bells and whistles boled on can be had for the price of a low-spec Ford Fiesta.
Which, in the financially troubled times we’re living in, is something that’ll certainly appeal to prospective new car owners on a budget.

Jaguar F-Type

Marketing a car as the spiritual successor to one of the most iconic road-going machines of all time is certainly a move by Jaguar that has a few risks attached. It can’t just be “good enough”: if it isn’t brilliant or worthy of being compared to the E-Type, all that time and effort would have been in vain.
The good news, though, is that we highly doubt the F-Type will be what you’d call “shabby”. With the Porsche 911 being benchmarked as a rival and claims it’s more rigid and driver focused than the already pretty hard-edged XKR-S, it’s certainly something that the Coventry based firm has high hopes for.
Long story short, us here at carwow – and, indeed, pretty much every car fan in the world – are seriously looking forward to finding out what the motoring press think of the F-Type.

Kia cee’d/pro_cee’d GT

Given the resurgent Korean firm has been marketed at the more youthful, ‘down with the kids’ end of the market, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for Kia to make a potent rival for the Ford Focus ST and VW Golf GTI.
Next year, though, will see the arrival of the sporty ‘GT’ flagship models for the cee’d and pro_cee’d range (they’re not spelling errors, by the way – that’s genuinely how their names are spelt!) that aim to give the established giants of the industry something else from the Far East to worry about.
To date, we only know it’ll have the same 1.6 turbocharged engine and six-speed manual transmission from the Hyundai Veloster Turbo, so it’s safe to assume it’ll have to punch to keep up with the class leaders. What we’re really keen to find out, though, is if it stands up to the best of the best through the twisties…

Renault ZOE

Whilst all the driving enthusiasts will be either swooning or bemoaning over the arrival of the turbocharged RenaultSport Clio, but one of the key cars from Le Regie next year is the ZOE all-electric car, which is expected to go on sale in the summer of 2013.
Whilst it’s roughly the same size of the Clio, it’s importance is similar to what Dacia’s pinning on the Sandero, in that it has the potential to shake-up the new car market – Renault hopes the ZOE will be the electric car to convince us sceptical Brits that EV power is relevant in a world that’s dominated by road tax exempt diesels, ultra-frugal petrols and innovative hybrids.
Whether that’s the case, though, remains to be seen. However, given the Twizy’s had a pretty positive reception so far, and the folk from Tesla across the pond seem to have done a pretty good job with the Model S premium saloon car, the ZOE has every possibility of being one of the surprise hits of next year.
Porsche 918/McLaren ‘P1’/Ferrari ‘F70’
Of course, you can’t do a list on ‘Most anticipated cars of 2013’ without including arguably the three most talked about supercars of the New Year: the ultra-expensive, ultra-fast and ultra-advanced trio from Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari.
Whilst details on all three are sketchy – we don’t even know the official names of the McLaren and Ferrari yet! –  we do know that they’ll all utilise some form of electric drive support (yes, even cars like these are jumping on the eco bandwagon), extensive use of carbon fibre and enough space age gubbins on board to make the Curiosity Rover look like a Tyco R/C car.
Rest assured, whilst it would perhaps be a tad optimistic to expect the giants from Stuttgart, Maranello and Woking to let their cars feature in head-to-head group tests, we won’t be at all surprised if the Porsche 918, McLaren ‘P1’ and Ferrari ‘F70’ will be stealing all the headlines and magazine front covers in 2013!
Of course, there are plenty more exciting and important new cars that’ll be revealed or will go on sale next year, and we simply can’t fit them all on one blog post! However, we’d love to know what your most anticipated cars of 2013 are, so feel free to name us your personal highlights of the New Year in the comments section below.
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