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Range Rover Evoque – As Good as It Looks?

Forget, if you will, all notions of the Range Rover Evoque being acar, and instead consider it a fashion accessory.

Under such pretences, the Evoque could be atrocious and it wouldntmatter a jot, as the styling alone would win it plenty of fans.Particularly in coupe form, its a spectacular looking thing,aggressive and jewel-like yet retaining just enough styling details tolink it to more traditional Range Rovers.
Luckily, its actually very competent in other areas too. The interiorof our Prestige-spec car, lavished with over four grand of LUX pack,is one of the most inviting of any car on sale. The tan leather, creamtrim and shag pile mats scream luxury far more than the usual uniformblack, enhanced further by the LUX packs panoramic glass roof.
On the road you enjoy a typically Range Rover high driving position,with visibility thats fine provided you never look out of the side orrear windows. Thats the price one puts on style. At least the sidemirrors are large, affording you a better view than the letterbox rearscreen allows.
The 2.2-litre diesel engine is punchy and refined, aided by a smoothsix-speed automatic transmission. If you dont exploit its 8-second0-60mph time you might eventually get near to the 43.5mpg combinedfuel economy rating, but figures in the 30s are more likely.
It drives and rides well too. Steering is quick and accurate andserves to make the Evoque feel sportier than its off-road pretentionssuggest. We drove it back to back with several Jaguars, and its fairto say the Evoque drives like a raised Jaguar, rather than a shrunkenRange Rover.
Frankly, for the way it makes you feel, youll more than likely wantto drive it fairly slowly, just to be seen.
Price as tested: 45,780
Combined mpg: 43.5
CO2: 169 g/km


The baby Range Rover has very little to prove. Its already selling inhuge numbers and has a backlog of orders stretching far into thefuture.
We can think of few cars where the driving experience matters lessthan it does in the Evoque, so its both surprising and refreshing todiscover it drives almost as good as it looks. Its jolly expensive ofcourse, but thats clearly not putting off the buyers. If you canstomach the price tag, then theres little that should stop you buyingan Evoque.
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