The best new cars coming out in 2024

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It’s going to be a busy few years for the car industry, with plenty of new models set to hit the showrooms. Keep an eye on this page for all the latest models coming soon. 

New electric cars coming soon

New MG Cyberster

The market isn’t exactly awash with all-electric convertible sports cars, but the MG Cyberster is here to change that. It’s been designed to tug at the heartstrings of classic British sports car fans, with a muscular stance and retro design.

MG Cyberster front

Flagship versions of the Cyberster will get a dual-motor setup with 496hp, and it’ll do 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds. That makes it slightly quicker than a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet.

You can order your new MG Cyberster now, with prices starting from £54,995. The Cyberster has created such a stir, it was awarded Carwow’s Most Anticipated Car of The Year award for 2024.

New Renault 5

After years of anticipation, the new Renault 5 is finally here to shake up the small EV market. It’s certainly a striking thing to behold, and it’s set to cost less than £25,000 when it goes on sale in the UK in January next year.

New Renault 5 front

The exterior design has made it pretty much unscathed from concept to production-ready, with the final product retaining 95% of the concept’s styling according to Renault. The interior is just as eye-catching, with the bright colours and funky materials helping it look much more interesting than a Volkswagen ID3’s cabin.

The new 5 is available with up to 150hp, although an Alpine version called the A290 is coming later this year for the hot-hatch lovers out there. There are a couple of battery options to choose from, the smaller of which provides 186 miles of range. Up to 249 miles on a charge is made possible by going for the bigger pack.

New Range Rover EV

The Range Rover is already a great luxury car, and what better way to make it even more serene than by making it a silent EV? Well an all-electric version of the posh SUV is coming later this year.

New Range Rover EV front

Details around the technical specs are thin on the ground for now, but the British brand has already said that this will be the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever made. It also says that this EV will match the performance of the V8 model, meaning 0-60mph should be possible in around 4.6 seconds.

It looks more or less identical to the standard Range Rover, with the exception of the blanked-off grille. You can put your name down for a new Range Rover EV, but you’ll have to wait until late 2024 before you’ll see the car revealed properly.

New Lotus Emeya

Hot on the heels of the Eletre SUV, Lotus has now revealed the new Emeya electric saloon. This alternative to the Tesla Model S will be available with the same 905hp setup as the Eletre R, and it can do 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds.

New Lotus Emeya front

You also have the same 102kWh battery as the SUV. While Lotus hasn’t given an official range figure yet, you can expect it to manage around 320 miles, slightly more than the bigger SUV.

Styling-wise, the designers at Lotus were clearly very pleased with the Eletre, because the Emeya looks like a flattened version of that car. It has a similar sleek headlight design, as well as the same full-width light bar at the rear.

New Polestar 4

Polestar has pulled the covers off the new 4, a sleek four-door coupe with no rear window. This allows the panoramic glass roof to extend all the way over the rear passenger compartment, and it makes the chassis stiffer as well for better handling.

New Polestar 4 side

The 4 will be the fastest model Polestar has ever made. Range-topping cars will get dual electric motors putting out 544hp and 686Nm of torque, launching the car from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds.

As for the battery, you get a 94kWh pack as standard with up to 300 miles of range in single-motor cars, dropping to 270 miles in the dual-motor performance version. Prices for the 4 start from £55,000.

New Citroen e-C3

Citroen is giving the C3 a full revamp this year, with this entry-level model going EV-only for the first time. It’s also lost its hatchback proportions in favour of a jacked-up SUV stance, and it’ll cost less than £23,000.

New Citroen E-C3 front

The styling is heavily influenced by the Citroen Oli concept, with the blunt nose and C-shaped headlights being lifted straight from that car. It has a slightly rugged appearance thanks to the black cladding as well.

This budget-friendly EV uses a 44kWh battery pack with up to 199 miles of range, making it much more usable than something like a Honda e with its 131 miles of range. Citroen will also launch an even cheaper version with a range of 124 miles, and this car could cost from around £17,500.

New Dacia Spring

The new Dacia Spring is destined for UK shores this year, and it’s officially the cheapest electric car you can buy. Yes, a Citroen Ami is technically cheaper, but that’s classed as a quadricycle rather than a car.

New Dacia Spring front

For £14,995, you get a no-nonsense, back-to-basics small car with up to 137 miles of range. Power comes courtesy of an electric motor powering the front wheels, and you can choose between 45hp or 65hp outputs.

There are elements of the new Dacia Duster in the front end, especially the slim headlights. It even comes with a respectable amount of equipment for the price, with all cars getting cruise control, remote central locking and air conditioning.

New Peugeot E-5008

Hot on the heels of the Peugeot E-3008, the larger and more practical E-5008 has been revealed. It’s just as stylish as its smaller sibling, however it has a more boxy rear end and an extra pair of seats in the back.

New Peugeot E-5008 front

You can get a version of the E-5008 with a whopping 410 miles of range, more than almost all of its peers, and a dual-motor model with 320hp is also available. Those who aren’t sold on the idea of electric motoring can opt for a hybrid version, or there’s a plug-in hybrid with almost 50 miles of EV range.

It’s the interior of the E-5008 which really makes it stand out, with a design that could easily go toe-to-toe with a BMW or Mercedes. The materials used help to lift things even further, and you have the added practicality of seven seats compared to the mechanically similar E-3008.

New Alfa Romeo Junior

This used to be the Alfa Romeo Milano, however thanks to some friction with the Italian government over the fact this car is actually made in Poland it’s been re-named the Junior. This dinky SUV is offered as either an EV or a hybrid, and it goes on sale in the summer.

New Alfa Romeo Junior front

Under the skin you’ll find a lot of parts from the Abarth 600e, with the Junior using the same 240hp electric motor in range-topping variants. You can also have it with the 156hp motor from the Jeep Avenger.

The Junior may use a lot of parts from other EVs, but it has a totally unique design with the traditional Alfa Romeo Trefoil grille taking pride of place up front. The cabin looks suitably sporty as well – you can even get Sabelt bucket seats.

New Cupra Tavascan

This is the new Cupra Tavascan, the second all-electric model to come from the SEAT spin-off brand. It may be the same as the Volkswagen ID5 under the skin, but it looks a lot more sporty than that car.

New Cupra Tavascan front

This theme continues on the inside. You may recognise the 15.0-inch infotainment system from other Volkswagen models, but the rest of the cabin is much more outlandish than anything you’ve seen from Cupra’s German parent company.

Range-topping versions of the Tavascan will have dual motors with 340hp, the same as the recently revised Skoda Enyaq vRS. It also uses the same 77kWh battery as that car, giving it 321 miles of range.

New Vauxhall Frontera

The Vauxhall Frontera is here to replace the ageing Crossland, and it’s available as an EV. This alternative to the Smart #1 and Volvo EX30 has an all-new design, making it look much more modern than the car it replaces.

New Vauxhall Frontera front

Two EV versions will be available, one with 186 miles of range and one which will manage up to 248 miles on a charge. Power options haven’t been confirmed just yet, but expect to see the same 113hp motor as the Citroen E-C3

As well as a funky-looking exterior, the new Frontera comes with all the latest tech inside so it feels up to date. It’ll be available to order later this year, with prices expected to start from around £25,000.

New Vauxhall Grandland

Sticking with Vauxhall for the moment, the new Grandland has also recently been revealed. This alternative to the Skoda Enyaq and Nissan Ariya shares parts under the skin with the Peugeot E-3008, and as a result it has up to 435 miles of range.

New Vauxhall Grandland front

That’s almost 100 miles more than an Enyaq can manage, and it’s exactly the same as the Peugeot’s figure. In addition to this, you can top up the batteries from 10-80% in just 26 minutes from a DC fast charger.

The styling is pretty similar to other recent Vauxhall models, so you get a sleek-looking front end with the Vizor grille design as well as sharp creases around the car. You’ll be able to order a new Grandland in July this year, with prices for this EV likely to start from around £40,000.

New petrol, diesel and hybrid cars coming soon

New Ferrari 12 Cilindri

Ferrari has unveiled a replacement for the 812 GTS, and it’s called the 12 Cilindri. That name literally translates to 12 cylinders, so no prizes for guessing what’s under the bonnet.

New Ferrari 12 Cilindri front

The 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine puts out 830hp and 678Nm of torque, and 0-60mph is dealt with in 2.9 seconds. It’s also lighter and more rigid than the 812, which should translate into better handling on a twisty road.

Ferrari is insistent that the 12 Cilindri isn’t some retro-inspired GT car. Despite this, there’s no hiding the fact that the front end looks like a modernised 365 Daytona from the 1960s. Either way it’s a striking looking thing, regardless of whether you choose the coupe or the convertible.

New Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is now entering its third generation, and this budget-friendly SUV is now more high-tech than ever. The interior is much more modern than the outgoing car’s, and you have a new 10.1-inch touchscreen on mid-spec cars and up.

New Dacia Duster front

You get plenty of clever features inside as well, such as the new YouClip system. This gives you a selection of mounting points around the car to clip accessories like storage bags, lights and phone holders.

The exterior styling has also been overhauled, and it looks much sharper than the outgoing car. Those sleek LED headlights and the upright nose make the Duster look nice and rugged, and the triangular tail lights are cool as well.

New BYD Seal U

New BYD Seal U front

The BYD range is currently EV-only in the UK, however that’s about to change with the Seal U. It’s a plug-in hybrid SUV to provide an alternative to the likes of the Kia Sportage and Toyota RAV4, and it’s due to go on sale in the spring.

Under the bonnet you’ll find a 1.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor, however the all-electric range is yet to be confirmed. According to Chinese testing standards it’ll do 60 miles using just the battery, however this is yet to be verified using Europe’s WLTP cycle.

New Genesis GV80 Coupe

If you like the look of the luxurious Genesis GV80, but want something with more of a sporty flavour, the brand has revealed the new GV80 Coupe concept just for you. It’s not only more aggressive-looking, it’s also packing plenty of performance upgrades under the skin.

New Genesis GV80 Coupe front

It has a carbon-fibre roof to keep the weight down, as well as a huge strut brace in the rear to stiffen things up. While the engine lineup hasn’t been announced yet, this car will use the same rear-wheel-drive setup as you get in the G80 saloon, so a 2.5-litre four-cylinder is likely.

While the basic dashboard design is the same as the GV80’s this concept car has four individual bucket seats for added sporting credentials. The jury is still out on whether this feature will carry over to the production version.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser is finally here, and it’s more capable off-road than ever before. Our very own Mat Watson put this Land Rover Defender alternative through its paces on the rough stuff, where it proved to be more or less unstoppable.

New Toyota Land Cruiser front

It now comes with a much boxier and retro design than before, while there are lots of robust elements. That continues into the cabin, but there’s also plenty of quality equipment on offer.

Power comes from a 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Prices start from £74,995, making it over £10,000 more expensive than a Defender 110.

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