Volkswagen Golf Estate interior

Interior quality is one of the VW Golf Estate’s biggest selling points – giving premium quality at a mainstream price.


Some might hanker after a little more verve, but the simple layout means the VW Golf Estate is extremely easy to operate and the touchscreen infotainment system represents a benchmark that rivals would do well to follow.

Inside, it just feels like it comes from the class above

Mat Watson
carwow expert


The Volkswagen Golf Estate is the only car in its class to offer gesture controls, though it’s a feature that you’ll probably show off once to your passengers and then forget about because the regular controls are already so intuitive. They’re only available on the most expensive system that comes with an expansive 9.2-inch screen and detailed graphics.

Mid-range models get an eight-inch screen, which drops to 6.5 inches in basic cars. All have an easy-to-understand-menu structure that makes them some of the best in class.

Making a more-convincing case for itself than the gesture controls is the 12.3-inch Active Info display that sits behind the steering wheel in place of analogue dials. It’s as configurable as the central infotainment screen – and is at its most eye-catching displaying huge and detailed maps for the sat-nav.

Available trims

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