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carwow’s Best New Electric Car 2012 – The Nissan Leaf

 The Nissan Leaf is the carwow Electric Car Of The Year because it gains universal praise from motoring journalists across the UK, who love the fact that it is a very good small family car that just happens to be powered by electricity. One said that the Leaf’s brilliance is hard to over-state.
It contains nothing to frighten away someone who has grown up driving normal cars, yet is high-tech enough that the iPhone generation love it too; the dashboard is futuristic and contains the innovative CARWINGS Smartphone compatible technology that majors on its electric-only power source. This means that you can start it from a distance, monitor its power reserves remotely and even set the heating going from the comfort of your bed, so its nice and warm when you get into it!
The powertrain is superb; gloriously smooth and quiet, it probably has the capacity to persuade even the most hardened petrolhead that electric cars can be fun praise doesnt come any higher than that and reinforces the fact that the Leaf is a great car that can compete with anything else, even if they are powered by fossil fuels. It performs very well indeed, and the acceleration from rest is vigorous, as is the electric way, and motorway cruising is utterly effortless.
The batteries are so well hidden that most drivers wont even know that theyre there – which is quite some feat considering their size and there is enough space inside the Nissan to allow most families to consider using one as their only car.
Range anxiety and the high price mean that some motorists will be afraid to buy one; if so, they are missing out on a fine car that would probably suit their needs better than they imagine.

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