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Peugeot Just Add Fuel - The Making Of

Youve probably seen Peugeots recent Just add fuel ad campaign on TV. We thought it was a fun little ad, presuming it was producing using computers and CGI trickery. The truth is that all was involved was a camera, paper and a lot of patience!

Peugeot have sent us a video, which you can see below, of how the ad was made. Its quite mesmerising to watch, and theres some interesting facts. For example it took 43 people to make and film the advert, who worked on it for an average of 160 hours each.
The ad was produced by Euro RSCG and Blinkink. It was commissioned to promote Peugeots Just Add Fuel product. Just Add Fuel takes the hassle out of running a car, looking after the customer's insurance, servicing and warranty, road tax and roadside assistance for one fixed monthly amount. Its available on almost all the Peugeot model range, weve got full guides to each of their cars here - Peugeot Reviews.
All the objects in the advert, such as the car, bridge, spanners and boulders were contstructed using paper and glue.
Heres the TV ad in case you havent seen it: