BMW i Vision Circular concept revealed: is this BMW’s take on the ID3 for 2040?

September 06, 2021 by

BMW’s new i Vision Concept takes a look at how a small luxurious city car could look in 20 years’ time. Read on for full details.

  • BMW i Vision Circular concept revealed
  • Imagines a small electric luxury car for 2040
  • Made fully of recycled materials
  • 3D printed interior bits
  • Gets Hans Zimmer-composed sound
  • Won’t enter production

This is what BMW thinks cars could look like in 2040. It’s called the i Vision Circular concept, and it’s an all-electric luxury car that’s built entirely of recycled materials, and itself can be entirely recycled.

It won’t go into production but could inspire the future of BMW cars, possibly even an alternative to the likes of the Volkswagen ID3.

BMW i Vision Circular design

The BMW i Vision Circular looks nothing like any BMW currently on sale – as you’d probably expect from a car that’s been designed as if it were 2040…

The kidney grilles now span the entirety of the front of the car, with LED headlights tucked into the corner of each. Most of the car lacks any aggressive creases and edges, besides the bonnet that features a scalloped section that matches the shape of the front grilles.

The side is very much dominated by large windows, contrasting side skirts and an obligatory set of huge alloy wheels. These have been designed to reduce aerodynamic drag, though it’s unlikely the i Vision concept will do a great deal of driving…

At the back, you’ll find brake lights consisting of a thick band of LEDs. The whole car has been given a two-tone paint scheme that blends from rose gold at the front to blue at the rear.

BMW i Vision Circular interior and infotainment

The key thing about the interior the BMW i Vision Circular is the completely recycled interior.

See the steering wheel? It’s been 3D printed using wood and apparently feels warm to the touch. The upholstery is all made from recycled plastics, and you’ll even find a lamp that’s been made from the gear selector in a BMW iX.

BMW has also commissioned world-famous composer Hans Zimmer to engineer ambient sounds to be played through this car’s stereo.

BMW i Vision Circular production

You won’t see the BMW i Vision Circular enter production — at least not anytime soon — but it’ll no doubt inspire future road cars.

The wholly-recycled interior concept seems a likely addition to upcoming BMW cars, though don’t expect to find a gear stick-turned-lamp in your next 3 Series.

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