2021 Land Rover Defender V8: price, specs and release date

Sam Naylor
August 18, 2020

The Land Rover Defender range will soon include a powerful and quick V8 model, and we’ve spotted it during testing.

  • Defender V8 expected in 2021
  • Powerful engine for top-spec model
  • Petrol V8 engine with around 525hp
  • Loads of torque for off-roading
  • Likely to cost over £90,000

The new Land Rover Defender is already here, but the off-roader’s range is likely to expand soon with the launch of a powerful V8 petrol model. Our spy photographers have caught this rougher, tougher alternative to a Range Rover Sport SVR out on the test track.

This V8 prototype looks almost identical to the standard Defender from the front.

New Land Rover Defender V8 design

The car our snappers spotted is a 110 model, which is the five-door version of the Land Rover Defender with more space inside. The most obvious clue that suggests this prototype is powered by a V8 engine is at the back, where you can clearly see four exhaust pipes sticking out beneath the Defender’s plastic bumper trim.

Four exhausts show us this is no normal Defender. 

A flash of red behind the front wheels hints that bigger brakes have been fitted to this prototype, but that’s the only other real change we can see. There’s every chance the production-ready V8 model gets different trim and wheel choices to normal variants not shown on this prototype. After all, buyers will expect their more powerful (and more expensive car) to stand out from ‘normal’ Defenders.

The finished Defender V8 will likely come with a raft of cosmetic upgrades not fitted to this test car.  

New Land Rover Defender V8 engine

The most likely candidate to be under the bonnet of this prototype Land Rover Defender is Land Rover’s 5.0-litre supercharged engine that’s found in many other models in the range. In the Range Rover Sport it has 525hp and 625Nm of torque, so we expect to see similar numbers in the Defender.

Land Rover can’t expect too many Defender drivers to take their cars to the race track…

The high torque should help the Defender when towing and off-roading using its clever all-terrain tech and four-wheel-drive system. Yet it appears the brand is also setting the car up to be fun on the road, hence the test-track location of our spy shots.

You’ll have to wait until 2021 to get your hands on the new Defender V8.

New Land Rover Defender V8 price and release date

There’s no official information available about the Land Rover Defender V8 just yet, but it’s likely that the car will only be available as a range-topping model, possibly even only as a special edition. This means it could cost over £90,000, going by the current range-topping car’s price.

As for a release date, it’s unlikely to be soon considering that the standard Defender has only recently gone on sale.  Expect to wait until late 2021 before this new V8 model appears in showrooms.

If you’re more interested in a car that’ll tackle farm tracks than race tracks, head over to our Land Rover Defender review for the low-down on the standard model. Or, check out the latest V8-powered Range Rover Sport SVR deals.