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Toyota Avensis sizes and dimensions guide

The Toyota Avensis has been with us through three different decades now, replacing the Carina in 1997. Like its predecessor, it has established a reputation for reliability that sees many models live out their lives as private hire taxis, racking up the kind of mileage a space shuttle would strive for.

This particular model made its debut in 2009 and has just been facelifted for 2015 so now is a good time to look for some extra bargains through carwow.

Sitting in the UK market as Toyota’s largest regular road car, we’re looking at how the Avensis measures up – will it fit your worldly goods and will you need to buy a new garage? We explain all…

Toyota Avensis external dimensions

It’s an unusually small car for the family car class, but this is probably due to the fact that the Avensis’ genesis predates most of the class rivals. At only just over 4.7 metres (15 feet 5 inches) long – with another 70mm of extra bodywork for the estate – it’ll fit into much shorter spaces, something particularly useful if your driveway isn’t the longest.

Watch out for steeply inclined parking spaces though as the Avensis averages a metre of overhang either side of the wheels – 980mm at the front and 1,030mm (1,100mm for the Tourer) at the back – and you might find anything over 10 degrees of slope a bit close for comfort.

At 1,810mm (5 feet 11 inches) wide, it’ll slip through even ridiculously slim modern garage doors without a fuss – you probably won’t even have to fold the mirrors in!

Toyota Avensis – external dimensions
Length 4,710mm / 4,780mm
Width 1,810mm
Height 1,480mm
Wheelbase 2,700mm

Toyota Avensis internal dimensions

The relative age of the Avensis has an impact on the living space. It doesn’t have the most generous headroom and legroom – indeed it’s beaten by some more modern superminis!

It’s not especially tight in the cabin, though rear legroom is a little off the average. Headroom is just over 900mm front and rear so, unless you are significantly taller than average, it should be ample even in the back. There’s 710mm of rear legroom, so if you’re on the leggy side it may be worth pushing the front seat passenger forward into their 1,080mm space.

Toyota Avensis – internal dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 930mm/910mm
Legroom (front/rear) 1,080mm/710mm

Toyota Avensis boot space

Whichever Avensis you pick, the boot space is pretty large. There aren’t many saloon cars that can boast over 500 litres of space these days, but the Avensis is one of them.

Folding the back seats down in the saloon opens up a 1,320-litre space, but the structure around the rear seats narrows the load bay significantly in the middle into an hourglass shape. If maximising boot space is your thing, it’s much better to go for the roomier Tourer, with nearly 10% more space with the seats up and more than 20% extra with them down.

Toyota Avensis – boot space
Seats up 509 litres/543 litres
Seats down 1,320 litres/1,609 litres

Toyota Avensis turning circle and fuel capacity

You’re likely to be making a lot of three point turns in the Avensis, with its kerb-to-kerb turning circle being 10.8 metres. If there are structures close to the kerbs, watch out for those huge overhangs – you’ll likely need way more space than that.

Saloon or Tourer, diesel or petrol, the fuel tank sits at 60 litres, giving a combined range of between 560 and 830 miles.

Toyota Avensis – turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 10.8 metres
Fuel tank 60 litres

Toyota Avensis weight

Its late Noughties birth means that the Avensis showed up at the peak of upsizing but before the push for weight reduction – and this means that it’s a little on the porky side for a car of this size.

1,415kg for the entry-level petrol model with a manual gearbox is as light as you’re going to get the Avensis, while the range’s top bulk comes in the form of any of the Tourer models packing both the 2.2 diesel and an automatic gearbox, at 1,650kg.

Toyota Avensis – weights
Lightest Heaviest
1,415kg (1.8 Valvematic Active) 1,650kg (2.2D Tourer Auto)

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Toyota Avensis

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