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The Fiat 500 has become one of the most popular city cars on the market since its 2009 release, and it was facelifted in 2015 to bring it bang up to date.

As one of the most fashion-led car designs on the market, it isn’t surprising to discover that it’s also one of the most customisable designs on the market, too. We’ve taken a look at the exhaustive list of colours available on the latest version of the 500, and some of the additional options to help make your Fiat unique.

Solid paint finishes

Solid paints are usually the cheapest paint options available for a car, and the Fiat 500 is no different – there’s one choice which doesn’t cost you a penny extra. A gloss finish means that it’s just as robust and easy to care for as any other paint type.

Bossa Nova White – £0

There are some cars where a standard gloss white might look just a little bit plain. However, the 500 is such a distinctive design that even this no-cost shade will still attract admiring glances.

Pastel paint finishes

It’s rare to find a car available in pastel shades, but the 500’s cutesy, retro looks can pull them off well. They lack the glossy finish of most modern paints, but also aren’t as flat – and are much easier to take care of – than completely matte colours.

Pasodoble Red – £300

We don’t think it could be possible for the 500 to look any more traditionally Italian than when it’s finished in Pasodoble Red. The bright scarlet shade really suits it well, and will certainly be a desirable choice come trade-in time.

Smooth Mint – £300

One of the more self-explanatory shades in the 500 range, we’re pretty sure most people could give a good go of picturing what smooth mint might look like even without the guide image above. Again, it looks unmistakably Italian, and is a perfect match for some pistachio gelato…

It’s certainly won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s undeniably cheerful, and, costing £300, cheap too.

Glam Coral – £300

A slight variation on the other pastel red hue, Glam Coral is arguably the more distinctive. In bright light it almost takes on a slightly pink-ish tint, while the rest of the time it looks like a fairly upmarket scarlet.

Countrypolitan Yellow – £300

The perfect choice for those who want to be noticed, this sunflower-like yellow is bright and bold. We think it looks great on a small, fun car like the 500 – and makes any day feel a little bit more summery.

Tech House Grey – £300

It’s rare to see cars painted in a flat shade of grey these days, and Tech House undeniably harks back to the original 500 from the 1950s. Some might suggest it looks a little too much like primer for their tastes, but the moody tone works well when paired with darker alloy wheel designs and sportier models in the range.

Volare Blue – £300

Perhaps the most retro of all of the pastel shades, however, is Volare Blue. This sky-coloured tinge is breath of fresh air among all of the monochrome cars seen on the roads every day. It’s at its best when paired with the retractable canvas roof of the 500C.

Metallic paint finishes

Groove Metal Grey – £460

A dark metallic grey shade lends the 500 a very classy, upmarket look. The touches of chrome are well-judged and preventing this option from looking boring, and we think it’d be a great choice if you’re going for all-out luxury and intend to pair it with a black leather interior.

Epic Blue – £460

Whether or not this blue is ‘epic’ is up for debate, but the slight greenish tint to this dark shade makes it a fairly unusual colour. It’s still dark enough for it to not be too shouty, which means that residual values should hold up fairly well in the long run.

Electroclash Grey – £460

It’s hard to see from the image above, but Electroclash is a subtly lighter, more silvery grey than Groove Metal. Likewise, it suits the 500 well, if subtlety is a bigger priority than drawing attention.

Avantgarde Bordeaux – £460

This very classy shade of deep red is reminiscent of the sort of colours you’d find on classic Maseratis and other Italian exotica. We think it’s a stunning choice for the little 500, and should be paired with a light-coloured leather interior for the best effect.

Crossover black – £460

A fairly standard metallic black. It’s hard to fault, really: it’ll look good in all seasons, it won’t go out of fashion, and it should be fairly easy to sell when the time eventually comes. We do feel, however, that some of the other options in the range are more exciting.

Special paint finishes

It’s not unusual for car companies to offer one or two more pricey paint choices at the top of each range. They either make use of a pearlescent flake or a fancy clearcoat to help the car look its finest.

Urban White – £740

This metallic alternative to Bossa Nova White looks slightly creamy in person, which pairs very well with the classically-inspired looks of the 500. It you’re keen on the open top version of the 500, Urban White looks fantastic in combination with a dark red canvas roof.

Custom finishes

Comics Red, Comics Yellow – £460

As part of the wide range of customisation options for the 500, Fiat offers its city car with a distinctive two-tone finish. The bottom half of the car is painted black, while the top half is painted either yellow or red, with the contrasting shades separated by a dotted line. Certainly two of the more divisive choices for the 500.

Other customisation options (£ various)

A wide range of decals can be applied to the 500 to reduce the chances of ever parking next to an identical one. Perhaps one of the most distinctive is the Camouflage vinyl. Priced from £460 (plus another £460 for the grey paint finish), it’s hard to argue with the fact that there will be very little else on the road that will look similar.

If the camo look isn’t quite your thing, why not go for a subtle Italian flag stripe along the car’s flanks (£153), some red brake calipers (£175) or even door mirrors wrapped in “jeans” (£230)? The latter is a vinyl denim-effect finish rather than actual fabric so there’s no need to worry about taking it out in the rain!

Alternatively, any of the regular paint finishes can be offset with a £185 black roof, or more regular chrome door mirrors can be chosen in place of the denim items. You could really spend hours trying to spec your perfect 500. Speaking of which…

Save money on your perfect Fiat 500

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