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Who makes Range Rover and Land Rover cars?

If you’re in the market for an SUV or 4×4, you might’ve looked at the range offered by Land Rover. If, however, you’ve looked at upmarket SUVs you might have encountered Range Rovers instead. What’s the difference and which should you pick? Read on to find out…

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Land Rover

Land Rover is the name of the parent company that produces both Land Rovers and Range Rovers. The two ranges have separate names to reflect their different customer bases – Land Rover is the rugged, off-road focused line while Range Rover puts much more emphasis on luxurious cabins and on-road refinement.

Under the Land Rover name, the brand produces the large Discovery 4×4 and the mid-size Discovery Sport. Both cars have excellent practicality, offering seven seats and plenty of storage room. Both are comfortable for families but miss out on some of the more expensive and luxurious materials used in Range Rovers.

Range Rover

If Land Rover’s offerings are too utilitarian for your tastes, its Range Rover lineup might suit you better. The popular Evoque compact SUV is the cheapest way into Range Rover ownership followed by the Range Rover Sport. Finally, the ‘original’ Range Rover sits atop the range offering the most space and luxury for the highest price – but it likely is all the car you could ever want or need.

Range Rover vs Land Rover

As a rule of thumb, Range Rover-branded models feature more luxurious interiors and more stylised bodywork compared to the blockier styling used on Land Rovers. They also get the most powerful engines to tempt the upmarket consumers they’re aimed at.

Which should you pick?

Naturally, the best option for you is the one that fulfils your needs for the budget you have. Those spending less than £40,000 with a view to transporting their family should look no further than the Land Rover Discovery Sport – it offers the space and comfort you expect without the extra costs run up by a Range Rover’s opulent interior.

If, however, you have a larger budget and want to feel special every time you drive your car, you could do a lot worse than a Range Rover or Range Rover Sport. Their upmarket cabins and near-flawless ride quality puts them up against the even most accomplished luxury cars currently on sale.

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Land Rover Range Rover (2013-2017)

The car that started the luxury-SUV craze still leads the way
£77,275 - £167,415
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Land Rover Discovery (2009-2016)

Class-leading seven-seat off-roader can do it all
£40,145 - £65,985
Read review Compare offers
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